Updated 07:01 AM EDT, Sat, Apr 10, 2021

NBC Comedy Pilot ‘Superstore’ Stars ‘Ugly Betty’ America Ferrera

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America Ferrera is set to return to television via the NBC comedy pilot "Superstore."

The "Ugly Betty" star will portray the role of Amy in the single-camera TV show, which will center on "a disparate group of employees working at a big-box store in middle America, and the love story that will ultimately unfold among them," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Ferrera's character, Amy, works as a floor supervisor for 10 years in a store called Cloud. She would meet "A to Z" actor Ben Feldman's Jonah, a newbie who has "superior attitude" and "clowns around on the job," The Hollywood Reporter described. Despite Amy's and Jonah's not-so-good start, the duo would form a strong bond "as Jonah helps Amy find more joy at work, and Amy starts to fall for Jonah," THR added.

Ruben Fleischer will reportedly direct "Superstore" with Justin Spitzer of "The Office" writing the script and executive producing while David Bernad will also serve as an executive producer. Aside from Ferrera and Feldman, "Superstore" will also star Lauren Ash, Colton Dunn, Mark McKinney, Nico Santos, and Nichole Bloom.

Ferrera has worked extensively in films since "Ugly Betty" ended in 2010. She lent her voice in the animated movie "How to Train Your Dragon" and its Cartoon Network spinoff "Dragons," The Hollywood Reporter noted. The actress also starred in the web series "Christine" and guest starred in CBS' "The Good Wife," according to The Huffington Post.

She also appeared in "Our Family Wedding," "Cesar Chavez," "End of Watch," and in the recently released "X/Y," an indie film directed by Ferrera's husband Ryan Piers Williams. "X/Y," which features a long-term couple struggling with issues and intimacy, has a frank approach when it comes to portraying sex.

More diverse roles for Latinas

While promoting "X/Y," Ferrera discussed the lack of diversity in Hollywood. She said "It's a creation of content issue. We need more in art and entertainment that is reflective of the world that we live in. And there's just not enough reflection in it for women, for people of color. There's still a huge amount of stories that have yet to be told, and we need those voices to find those platforms so that they can share those experiences." she was quoted as saying.

She added, "I'm a huge lover of television and of film -- I have been my whole life -- and when there's too much of the same thing and not enough to reflect the world that I live in, I take it personally."

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