Updated 05:21 PM EST, Tue, Jan 18, 2022

‘Madden NFL 16’ Release Date & Gameplay Features: What We Know So Far

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With the new Madden NFL 16 game to be released by EA Sports, gaming enthusiasts are now eager to learn the features of this recent offering.

Over the next few months, N4G said the game "will slowly start to creep into the mind of sports gamers" as the rumored release date of the game is nearing.

The exact release date is still unknown, but N4G claimed that based on their research, it will be pegged on August 25.

"It is the last Tuesday of August and it has been that way for 5 years. I'd be absolutely shocked if Madden 16 came out on a different date," the N4G report added.

Kevin Hart, one of the celebrities who promote the Madden franchise, is anticipating the arrival of the game, so much so that he wanted to become a part of it. It can be recalled that in August 2014, he started the campaign, #GetKevinHartInMadden16. Though it was not really an official project by the company, as some reports claim, it was still considered a smart marketing move both for Hart and EA as it created buzz for the upcoming game. 

EA Sports will reportedly make a formal announcement in three months along wih the release of its trailer and game news. 

What fans should expect

As a tip for players, StickSkills said gamers should first play the game using Practice Mode.

"Practice mode allows you to go through your playbook and figure out exactly what works and what doesn't work," the report explained.

Gamers are also advised to learn to finish drives using the new game. According to StickSkills when gamers get the ball in the Red Zone, offense also has to change.

"It is much harder to move the ball against 11 guys on defense that only have to defend 20 yards then it is to move the ball against a defense that has to defend 60 yards or more," it added.

Tech reports also advice players to keep the football on the ground when they get in scoring range as people usually throw interception when in the Red Zone for Madden games.

It is also a secret in the game to always choose a decent Madden NFL 16 team.

"In Madden 16, you are going to see a ton of gamers using the New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, and Denver Broncos. Now that isn't to say you shouldn't use regular teams but you are putting yourself at an extreme disadvantage if you choose a team like the Jacksonville Jaguars," StickSkills explained.

As fans continue to anticipate the release of the game, people would surely want to know more about what Madden 16 will offer and these features will slowly be made available to the public in the coming months.

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