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iPod Touch 6th Generation Release Date & Price Rumors: Top 5 Specs & Features on Wishlist

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Apple has not spoken about its next entry in the iPod touch line, but rumor mills are generous to produce details nevertheless. For a fact, the iPod touch tab remains on Apple's official web page, and prospects are still holding on to what's coming next.

In its recent "Spring Forward" event, Apple has introduced the new Retina MacBook, in addition to details surrounding the Apple Watch and ResearchKit. Nothing was mentioned about the next iPod touch.

For those who may not know, the latest iPod touch in the market is the family's fifth generation. Because of this, current reports have dubbed the sequel as the iPod touch 6G (6th Generation).

In a recent article, BREATHEcast says there is no need for an iPod touch 6G, since iPhones and iPads are "capable of performing its functions." Still, citing another report, the outlet adds that the iPod touch is believed to launch in September.

The sixth-generation iPod touch is purported to arrive in two sizes -- a 4.7-inch model and a larger, 5.5-inch type. Users would know that these measurements are sported by the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, respectively.

We've curated five of the iPod touch 6G's wishlisted specs and features, all in the eyes of the Apple prospect. Check them out:

1. 8 MP Camera

The iPod touch is a compact media player. At its core, it serves to store good quality music, videos and images.

A user from this earlier forum has wished for an "8-megapixel rear-facing camera."

In a more recent article, Trusted Reviews wrote, "To do so, it needs to fit the iPod touch 6th generation with a really good camera. That doesn't necessarily mean that it has to go with the iPhone 6's cutting edge camera unit." The iPhone 6 packs an 8 MP iSight camera.

2. A8 Processor

An A7 or A8 processor is wanted by another user from this thread. Needless to say, Apple's latest devices are running these processors, but for the iPod touch, we'll have to wait and see.

3. 32 GB Entry-Level Storage

Trusted Reviews says they'd be "happy" when Apple makes 32 GB the new entry standard. In comparison, the current iPod touch starts at 16 GB, though it's offered at 64 GB maximum. Of course, an increase in space means an increase in price.

4. iOS 9 Support

Another forum user wants to see the next iPod touch run the iOS 9. Aside from the possibility of a September / October launch, the user sees the WWDC as another potential launch date. The event is pegged to take place in June.

5. Touch ID

Phonesreview.co.uk puts the Touch ID, Apple's fingerprint security system, as part of their wishlist. The outlet also wants to see an upgraded CPU and a bigger display.

The iPod touch 6G's price may depend on storage options, but as previously speculated, a 16 GB version might come at $250.

What do you want to see in the next iPod touch?

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