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Super Mario 3D World News: Gameplay Hints, Secrets for Wii U Game [Trailer]

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Super Mario 3D World is easily a game of the year contender, however some gamers may be quick to ignore the game because of the fact that it is on the relatively unpopular Wii U console. Despite this, the game is the shot in the arm the console needs, and the game should be on every Wii U owner's wish list for the holiday. To help out those who have the game and need some help conquering the many worlds of the game, here is some quick tips for Super Mario 3D World.

In one area of the game skillful users can manage to gain hundreds of extra lives. In World 1-2 there is a section past the first Koopa where the second Koopa of the level and a Goomba appear on a raised platform. Players should kill the Goomba, then jump on the Koopa but steal the shell. Players should then hop on the platform where the Goomba was and face the rear wall by hitting up on the D-Pad of the Gamepad while in front of the three brick blocks. Players then can throw the shell at the rear wall and then immediately jump. By not pressing anything else players will continuously bounce of the shell and gain up to 600 extra lives in the game.

For those looking for a retro experience, the Nintendo Arcade game Mario Bros. is revamped in Super Mario 3D World as Luigi Bros. Players who have a save file in New Super Luigi U the game will be unlocked immediately. For those without that game, players can unlock the arcade game using Luigi in World Star-2. There will be three floating blocks between the first green star and the Luma star in the level. The middle block will have multiple coins and a tiny Luigi. After that more hidden Luigis may appear in the game and the arcade game is available in the game's menu.

Finally, players may be stumped as to how to earn a five star profile for the game. One star is earned by beating Worlds 1-8 in the game. Another is beating the World Star, World Mushroom, and World Flower. Getting every green star from World 1 to the World flower will net a player another star. Getting the rest of the green stars in the game will give players another profile star. Getting all the green star, Gold Flagpole, and Stamp in the game (earned by beating every level with every character in the game) will give players the final star.

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