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Stephen Curry Turns Before 3-Pointer Shoots [Watch Video]

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"He doesn't even have to look at the basket. #StephCurry #OMG"

That was the Golden State Warriors account on Twitter after its megastar Stephen Curry buried a three-pointer -- so confident it was going in that he did not even bother to look.

That happened at a Wednesday-night game versus the Milwaukee Bucks, the Bleacher Report recounted. After releasing the ball on the fourth quarter, the star of the night and MVP candidate headed straight back to defense.

That night, the team won, 102-93 -- and Curry produced 19 of those points and assisted 11 times.

The Golden State record was now a stellar 47-12, and their home-court record was 25-2, per Sporting News.

Curry may be the best shooter in today's NBA, said the piece. In fact, it added, he may have had so many three-point successes to know when his effort would pay off a second or so after releasing the ball.

Sporting News could not hide its amazement, saying this world is Curry's.

It explained that the three-point shot that stretched the lead by 10, 75-85, was within a 30-second span where he fired productive points outside the paint. After then, he made a victory almost certain in an otherwise tight game.

Fox Sports, on the other hand, observed that in over a minute, Curry was able to turn from a bad shooter to a superhuman -- through three-pointers in 65 seconds.

"Steph had arguably one of his worst games of the year going ... But that's Steph. That's why he's Stephen Curry," said coach Steve Kerr, per the report. "I used to watch it with Michael Jordan. On nights where he missed 10 shots in a row, when everyone else would just clam up, he just all of a sudden would find that incredible confidence."

"It's unbreakable. Steph has that. That's what makes him special."

For Kerr, his player deserves the MVP award: "I care. I'd like for Steph to win the MVP, and I think he deserves it," he said, per ESPN.

According to the report, Curry had missed eight of his first 10 shots before firing up to a 60th career game with at least five 3-pointers and five assists. The team had lost the lead early in the third quarter, with a seven point gap with Milwaukee's 18-0 run.

Curry is becoming the face of the Golden State Warriors, and even the NBA, having pooled the most votes from fans for this year's All-Star Game, said the Bleacher Report in another piece. It even added his best-selling jersey to the evidence list.

"He's 6'3" and 185 pounds... He has what most people would perceive to be average size for an athlete. He doesn't overpower you with slam dunks and with muscle. He overpowers you with an IQ that is extraordinary. He sees the game," Bob McKillop, Curry's college coach said, as quoted by Bleacher Report.

According to Fox Sports, the Warriors will host the Dallas Mavericks Friday. We hope he shows more of that basketball IQ then.

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