Updated 10:32 AM EST, Sun, Feb 28, 2021

Samsung Galaxy S6 US Release, Specs & Features: Biggest Detail Missed! What Is It?

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Samsung has just unveiled its flagship smartphone with a curved screen at the Mobile World Congress, and it's got everything to match up with Apple's iPhone 6. In fact, according to CNet, it seems to be too similar to the latest iPhone with its metal and glass design, not to mention, its fingerprint scanner.

All the leaks that pointed out Samsung's curved screen design proved to be right, and the beauty of the phone may possibly revive the tech company from its dismal sales last year. As Forbes noted, the curved design puts the brand in a cutting-edge milestone in terms of aesthetics, and the specs upgrade were also impressive: lightning-fast camera, faster processor, and even faster battery charging.

It looks lovely, and seems lovely but at a cost: Apparently, Samsung forgot a few things that would have made the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge better - as it turned out, you can no longer replace the phone battery, nor switch up to a larger memory because yes, there is no memory card slot anymore.

Android Police pointed out that its removable storage has always been a notable feature of the Samsung gadgets, and it seemed that on the newest releases that they forgot it. It just so happens that on the same day, flash storage specialist SanDisk went ahead to produce the world's largest memory SD card in the world at 200 GB.

However, Samsung executives did address the missing battery replacement and MicroSD slot: according to CEO JK Shim, the battery for the phones can last up to 12 hours on Wi-Fi, with faster charging time, so owners won't have to worry about replacing it. It will take roughly 10 minutes to get four hours of battery life, making it twice as fast as the iPhone 6.

The curves, on the other hand, looks cool, but even Samsung Vice President for Marketing, Young Hee Lee, admitted that this is more of a statement than a practical feature. He said, "It's a more comfortable grip, amazing user experience and above all, your friends will think it's very cool!"

Samsung also has another problem ahead of them: HTC releasing its latest smart phone ahead of the Edge, this could spell problems for Samsung's flagship models. HTC will be releasing their new M9 smarphones on March 31, while Samsung's Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge will be released a full week and a half later, on April 10.

What do you think of Samsung's built-in battery and missing out on the Memory Card Slot?

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