Updated 11:51 AM EST, Fri, Jan 28, 2022

Audi R8 E-Tron 2016 Revealed: Feels Like Race Car? All You Need to Know

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Ahead of this year's Geneva Motor Show, Audi has unveiled its 2016 version of the R8, MotorAuthority reported.

According to GTspirit.com, the new model arrives with visual and mechanical changes. For one, it's bound to drive only with the 5.2-litre V10 engine.

In terms of speed, the outlet added that the R8 V10 Plus will accelerate to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds and 200 km/h in 9.9 seconds. Compared to the regular R8 V10 which ran a top speed of 323 km/h, the Plus prides in its ability to run 330 km/h.

The new R8 is described by Audi to be flat, wide and muscular, CarBuzz.com noted. In terms of hardware, the source explained that its launch control is capable of managing full-throttle acceleration. When operating normally, rear wheels are directed with as much as 100% of power, while the clutch transmits 100% of the torque to its front rounds as needed.

MotorAuthority observed that the new R8 makes no drastic changes, visually, from its predecessor. However, the outlet pointed that the car's interior has received an update, citing driver-centric controls that are "intended to emulate the feel of an Audi race car." That feel sounds pretty impressive.

One of the new inclusions cited by GTspirit.com is the introduction of a new indirect injection system. According to the outlet, this has been installed alongside the FSI direct fuel injection.

Other inclusions are dry sump lubrication, upgraded seven-speed S tronic transmission, mechanical limited slip differential and a new cylinder on demand (COD) system. The latter specifically works by low fuel consumption, as it keeps one cylinder shut unless needed -- great conservation system over here.

The new R8 also brings standard LED headlights and an optional laser spot for the high beam, CarBuzz.com noted. This is backed by turn signals at the front.

Interestingly, the R8 2016 is set to arrive in another version. According to The Verge, this will be in the form of an e-tron model (all-electric) which is only built "upon request."

The source took note of the model's speed and compared it with that of the V10 model and Tesla's Model S P85D. As it turns out, the new R8 e-tron runs slower from 0 to 62 mph in 3.9 seconds. Nevertheless, The Verge is convinced that it's still impressive, citing Audi's branding of it as a "mobile high-tech laboratory."

At this point, Audi has only announced the car's pricing and availability for Europe, Autoblog said. Sales commence on summer: 165,000 euros for the V10 and 187,400 for the V10 Plus.

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