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Rey Mysterio Out of WWE; Lucha Underground or With Konnan Next?

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No more Rey Mysterio for WWE.

At the end of his contract, one of the most recognizable names in the wrestling world said that it was finally time to leave the ring, and WWE responded on the affirmative, TMZ Sports learned.

"Rey Mysterio is no longer under contract with WWE," an unnamed WWE representative confirmed to the media oufit, the same words released to PW Insider. And well-placed sources on the other side of the fence said that the wrestler was stoked to begin work elsewhere, given he was now in tip top shape.

TMZ and the Bleacher Report noted that in August 2014, the masked fighter appeared in a video on AAA's Triplemania XXII, launching #FreeRey, a social-media petition to get himself removed from the talent roster of WWE.

However, instead of a dramatic liberation scene, his contract just expired, plain and simple, per TMZ.

It was not a surprise move, noted What Culture, agreeing that the signs have been showing months ago. The noise only climaxed Thursday when Mysterio's profile on the WWE website migrated from the Superstars to the Alumni section.

Per What Culture, he was with WWE since 2002, winning the WWE Title, the WWE World Title and a couple others.

According to a tweet by Wrestling Facts, he "won 824 matches & lost 335."

F4W Online reported that the wrestler, real name Oscar Gutierrez, already prearranged his release late November or early December. What Culture added that he wasn't even claiming his checks to send the message that he wanted out.

What Culture explained that the eagerness to exit comes from a combination of several years of discontent on the part of Mysterio and a tough time working around the barrage of injuries on the part of management. He was slated for fights with caution, it added.

His last televised match was on April 7, 2014, an edition of Raw that took place the evening after "WrestleMania 30," said the report. He lost to Wade Barrett. (Footage below.)

TMZ said Mysterio will speak on the matter to wrestling podcast MLW radio on the weekend of "WrestleMania 31," quoting its producers. Meanwhile, AAA is scheduled for a press conference on Tuesday in Mexico City, possibly with the wrestler, said What Culture. It also reported that Lucha Underground could be his next destination or even indie wrestling.

According to TWNP News, wrestler Konnan, who was active in the #FreeRey campaign on Twitter, is reportedly working out the dates for Mysterio fights.

But if the injuries were a problem for WWE, it might still be a problem elsewhere, the report noted. His style was just injury-prone.

He was already a gem to the U.S. wrestling world at just 20, because of his highspots and aerial stunts, What Culture said. However, these have led to knee injuries and decreasing speed.

No matter, the report commented, he'll be back if only to claim his spot in the WWE Hall of Fame.

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