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iPhone 7 Release Date, Specs, Features & Price: vs Samsung Galaxy S6’s Strongest Asset

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We are days away from Samsung's "Unpacked" event, where the Galaxy S6 could first appear. The new flagship is expected to arrive in four different models, and most likely, the idea of a Galaxy S6 Edge gives the Korean tech giant an "edge" over its past and future competitors.

Since then, the new Samsung flagship is dubbed to be "Project Zero." Such moniker implied many different theories, but all went down to a common expectation -- to start from scratch, that's a major overhaul.

The birth of the S6 Edge comes from Samsung's take on the earlier Galaxy Note Edge. We've heard two versions of the story: one says the S6 Edge will get one side curved, while the other claims of a display that extends to the handset's left and right sides (hence called dual-edge).

Should all the Galaxy S6 models launch together (standard, Edge, Mini and Active), it appears that Samsung wants to capitalize on offering design variety -- something that rival Apple has taken one step at a time. Note, however, that last year's iPhones may have changed this notion, considering the fact that the larger iPhone 6 Plus launched with the standard flagship.

Followers would become more knowledgeable once Samsung unveils its newest product on Mar. 1. With Apple keeping mum on details, we may expect things from the company a little later.

Nevertheless, today's rumor mills have continued producing speculations, and more seem to be up for the iPhone 7. Apple reportedly plans to halve its iPhone cycle, so 2015 could see the iPhone 6s with the Apple Watch, followed by the iPhone 7 "sometime" in September or October.

So how could the iPhone 7 beat the Galaxy S6's designs?

One interesting rumor about the iPhone 7 is a bezel-free screen, Pocket-lint noted. The outlet is convinced that this might be "trickier" for Apple, considering the placement of the Touch ID home button. Yet some could be expecting the futuristic finish.

Know Your Mobile does not expect sapphire in the iPhone 7. Citing information from other reports, the outlet noted that the material is indeed "extremely scratch-resistant," but the downside comes when one learns that it can be shattered. Sapphire is said to trail behind diamonds in terms of toughness.

Instead, the outlet took note of James Clappin's remarks, president of Corning Glass Technologies, "We created a product that offers the same superior damage resistance and drop performance of Gorilla Glass 4 with scratch resistance that approaches sapphire."

Finally, the iPhone 7 is believed to come with "sidewall displays," the PCAdvisor wrote. According to the outlet, the speculation arises from a 2015 patent, hinting on a screen that extends onto the device's sides.

It is uncertain how many sides are being described, but this looks to be Apple's response to the Note Edge -- only that it could face another competitor. Yes, that sounds like the Galaxy S6 Edge.

Purported to arrive with a DSLR like camera, wireless charging and 64 GB starting storage, the iPhone 7 may sell for $649, TechRadar predicted.

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