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Nike NBA News 2015: Brand Dominates Shoe Market by Over 60%

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Nike is king when it comes to shoes worn by NBA players, leading the list by leaps and bounds.

Scoring 283 league players, the brand more than quadruples second-ranked Adidas, a Hoops Hype table shows. 

The No. 2 brand has 70 players, the table notes. The Jordan Brand takes a rank of it's own, third with 39, followed by Under Armour with 13. Ten other shoe brands are on the listing but not one is over 10.

Accounting for 440 NBA players, the Nike rate is 64.3 percent or about six in every 10 players, noted a Business Insider report. This domination is even raised to 73.2 percent when the Jordan Brand, a Nike subsidiary, is included.

The brand also leads in all other categories -- All-Star, NBA Champs and Medallists. Nike has 42, 33, and 27, respectively, while Jordan Brand has 10, 1, 4. The No. 2 brand is 14, 4, 6.

These figures possibly reflect the brand's state in the bigger picture.

Business Insider report mid-2014 noted that the competition was "nonexistent," explaining that Nike and Jordan Brand controlled 97 percent of the basketball-shoe market in the United States, citing data from Morgan Stanley.

The share of the pie has only gone up for the twin threat -- 89.3 percent in 2011, 91.7 percent in 2012, 92.2 percent in 2013 and 96.7 in 2014, according to the data. Meanwhile, second-ranked adidas' numbers decreased from 5.9 percent in 2011 to 2.3 percent in 2014.

"Basketball remains the most resilient segment in the US sports footwear market (+18% over the last year, +33% in the past 4 weeks)," said Morgan Stanley analysts, as quoted by the report. "Adidas' lack of penetration in this sector remains a drag on its US growth."

According to Forbes, Nike, also the only sports brand in the list of the most valuable brands, actually holds 60 percent of the United States footwear market.

A November report by Marketplace noted that Adidas decided in recent years to try to overtake Nike in the basketball market, even becoming an official sponsor, as per Chris Grancio, general manager for Adidas' global basketball division.

This summer, Adidas even added new names to join Derrick Rose -- Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid, Dante Exum and Marcus Smart.

Grancio explained: "Knowing that we've got half the starting point guards in the NBA now wearing adidas, and the fact that we've got five or six or eight guys that we think could be not only All Stars but could be really special players -- that has to be part of our approach."

"But I would say as a brand that has aspirations to be the leading basketball brand in the world, we haven't grown fast enough," he noted. The brand is sharing with everyone else less than 10 percent of the market, as Nike owns over 90 percent, the report said, citing SportsScanInfo.

However, the strategy was the same reason Nike increased its share of the soccer world, Marketplace noted. On that front, Nike is not over yet as Cristiano Ronaldo is in its roster of athlete-endorsers with baseball's Derek Jeter and, of course, King LeBron James, as per Forbes.

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