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Latino One Direction? Ricky Martin & Simon Cowell Dishes on 'La Banda'

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Ricky Martin and Simon Cowell have teamed up for the upcoming talent search, "La Banda," which could discover the next boy group to follow the steps of One Direction.

In an exclusive interview with Perez Hilton, Martin, a self-proclaimed social media lover, shared his thoughts about what "La Banda" hopes to achieve.

"I think the super group phenomenon is something that happens once every decade," the singer told Perez Hilton. "And at this moment, within the Latin community, not only in the Latin community - in the entire continent - there's something. People need a representation of themselves on stage, and this is the right moment."

Martin, a judge and executive producer of the show, also imparted some great advice for those hoping to get into "La Banda." According to the artist, the key to succeeding in any endeavor is to believe in yourself.

"If you want to be a part of 'La Banda,' you have to audition," the artist said in the clip. "And in order for you to audition, you need to stand in front of a mirror and say, 'Yes, I can do it. I am passionate about it. This is my experience. I believe in myself.' I also believe that your support system, your family, is really important."

The 43-year-old Puerto Rican singer also recalled the time when he was just starting to make a name for himself in the music industry. He said that back then, social media outlets are not around yet, and that he wished he had these platforms to talk to his fans about his works then.

"You have to take their advice, and then you have to make your own decision about what feels right for you," Martin told Perez Hilton, referring to his fans. "That is something that in the beginning of your career, that instinct is not fully developed, but we'll be there to protect you as an artist," he assured.

When asked about what inspired him to create "La Banda," Cowell said that he feels it is time to introduce the audience to more Latin artists which are "good," "talented," and "charismatic."

"I just think the time is right. I feel that this whole Latin audience is getting bigger and bigger. You got Latin artists crossing over to mainstream America. I like the idea of a group made up of five Spanish speaking artists. As a record label, we're always searching for new artists," Cowell explained to Perez Hilton in an interview.

Univision Network's "La Banda" is set to premiere in September, 2015, USA Today wrote. Auditions will begin on March 7 in Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, Houston, Chicago, New York City, and Miami. For the complete list of audition venues, check this out.

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