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Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Manny Pacquiao 2015: 3 Reasons Why Pacman Could Lose

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With the universe finally agreeing to fans' longtime clamor for a fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr., arguably the best of present-day boxing, the fans are over the moon.

May 2 will definitely go down in history as the fight of the century -- and fans have been choosing their side.

If the gods pick the Mayweather corner and he gets a plus-one in his 47 wins, here are three factors that could contribute:

[1] Focus

A report from ABS-CBN News stated that Pacquiao is currently an underdog, with Las Vegas betting odds favoring the 38-year-old American over the the 36-year-old whose record includes 57 victories and five defeats, two of which in 2012.

"Manny likes to be in the underdog position... He thrives on that kind of pressure. It gives extra motivation for him," said sports writer Winchell Campos, per the report.

But there could be too much pressure from all sides -- he may have ended his stint in music, television and the big screen, but he is still a congressman, an endorser, and a playing coach for the Philippines' premier basketball league.

The report noted that whenever he is preparing for a fight, every other thing is drowned out, per business manager Eric Pineda.

"[Pacquiao] has a big chance. Every time he fights, everything takes a back seat to training," he said.

[2] Physique

Mayweather is obviously taller than Pacquiao, 5'6", and he is planning to use that to his advantage when they face off at MGM Grand.

 "...[W]hen you just look at the tale of the tape, I have a longer reach, I'm taller, I'm stronger, and I'm more accurate. I think I seen a major change in Pacquiao," a decisive Mayweather told Fight Hype.com.

The Filipino has defeated much bigger fighters before, Boxing News 24 noted. But this time he cannot rely on mistakes in technique to plague Mayweather, unlike the last three fighters he won against -- Chris Algieri, Tim Bradley and Brandon Rios.

Pacquiao will suffer the brunt of the size difference, and even his coach, Freddie Roach, admitted that Pacquiao might have lost his capacity for a knockout win with his age, the report commented. It's been six years since he registered a KO.

For veteran sportscaster Ronnie Nathanielsz, it boils down to condition.

"It is all going to depend on what kind of condition Mayweather comes in. He is older than Manny. He may age overnight in the ring," he said, explaining that the American has lost steam.

[3] Technique

Mayweather believes that his approach to boxing could be the great separator, still according to Fight Hype.com.

Mayweather said: "...[T]his is a guy that can box going forward, this is a guy that can box going backwards, a guy that can counterpunch, I can tie you up, I can slug if I have to, but my thing is always working smarter, not harder."

Boxing News 24 agrees with the boxer, saying that Pacquiao "struggles against counter-punchers."

In the past, it said, Pacquiao has won versus Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez in two of their four fights and got a draw in their first because of questionable judging. If justice prevailed, all four would have gone to Marquez, it added.

The frightening fact is that Mayweather is much better in that department than Marquez.

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