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Emma Watson & Prince Harry Dating? Couple Go on Secret Dates, Says Source [Rumors]

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Emma Watson is reportedly dating one of Britain's hottest bachelors - Prince Harry himself.

According to Woman's Day Magazine, the pair is going out on secret dates and they are getting to know each other quite well. A source confided that when the young prince heard that the young UN Ambassador split with her boyfriend last year, he called their mutual friends to help him ask her out.

He then sent her an invite via email, saying that he would "like to get to know her."

As it turned out, it wasn't a date - an entire entourage went with the pair to make Emma feel comfortable, and they hit it off quite well. An insider explained, "Harry didn't want her to feel like she was put on the spot. A party also shows he's fun and not stuffy."

The source added, "He's smitten - and it's more than Emma's looks."

This rumor has excited fans as it seems Watson has gone from being one of Harry Potter's best friends to...another Harry's muse?

A lot of websites have picked up on the rumor. Hollywood Life even mentioned some reasons why the pair should date - they're humanitarians, for one, and while Prince Harry does a lot of charitable work and works with the UNICEF, Emma's work for the same organization focuses on Women's issues. She is after all the Women's Goodwill Ambassador.

However, despite the rumor that kept fans screaming for a while, (because who wouldn't want Hermione to end up with Harry, right?) the Huffington Post clarified that there's really nothing going on between the actress and the monarch, although there were no facts to prove that the date didn't actually happen.

The rest of the cyberworld however, is nothing but happy for the rumored couple. The news blew up on Twitter, with many noting that if Prince Harry and Emma Watson do become a couple and she becomes a real princess (instead of just playing one in the live-action version of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast") then Britain will have their own true-to-life Half-Blood Prince. Yes, people are getting carried away and imagining another royal wedding.

Prince Harry is about to become the fifth monarch in line for the English throne once the duchess of Cambridge gives birth to her second child, while Emma is currently signed on to play Belle in Disney's live-action version of "Beauty and the Beast" which is set to begin production later this year.

What do you think about the rumored couple, wouldn't it be great if Hermione finally ends up with Harry (who just happens to look like Ron)?

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