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Uncharted 4 News: PS4 Game Gets New Details via Twitter [Trailer]

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The Uncharted series has been one of the most successful exclusive franchises in the Sony roster, and the trilogy of games on the PlayStation 3 helped establish the console and bring in millions of sales. Now, Naughty Dog is preparing a new entry in the series, tentatively called Uncharted 4, and new details have emerged about the game from one of the actors working on the game.

Todd Stashwick, who voice is heard on the official teaser trailer for the game below, sent out several messages on Twitter that shows that the actor is working on motion capture sessions for the game. One tweet shows the man in his motion capture suit, confirming that his mysterious character will appear in Uncharted 4 and that the game is set to be launched on the PlayStation 4. Another tweet from Stashwick shows a dummy in a motion capture suit lying on the ground holding an apple. It is unclear what the significance of the apple is. Perhaps it is meant as a stand-in object for something the in-game character will hold (possibly a grenade) or maybe the game will task players in finding the Garden of Eden (very unlikely).

Another photo of the dummy, this time posted on Instagram by Stashwick shows the dummy again, only this time holding an assault rifle. Some fans have used this pick to jump to the conclusion that series hero Nathan Drake will not be in the game, or will be killed by the character portrayed by Stashwick. Finally, responding to fans thinking Nathan Drake is gone, the actor posted another message saying that the new Uncharted is a "great game" and that writer Amy Hennig "has written a humdinger."

While these posts by what appears to be one of the lead actors for Uncharted 4 and the teaser trailer are welcome, there are still many question marks surrounding the game. For example, there has been no hint of series protagonist Nathan Drake or the character's voice actor Nolan North. Both the character and the man behind the character are the heart and soul of the series, and a new entry into the series without them seems unfathomable. In addition, it is unclear what the plot of the game will be, as the trailer's voiceover by Stashwick seems to introducing a new character in a vague, menacing way without giving any concrete details.

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