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iPod Touch 6th Generation Release Date, Specs & Price: Best Features So Far [Rumors]

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Apple fans certainly have a lot to look forward to this year, considering the amount of reports aimed at the company's upcoming products. Some have been confirmed (i.e. Apple Watch), yet most are outputs of hardworking rumor mills that may only speak of ideals more than realities. Until Apple confirms so, they're all speculations running along the grapevine.

One of these purported products is the sixth-generation iPod touch, a touted refresh of the 2012 model. Despite countless information spilled all over the internet, the Cupertino giant has kept mum over the device's whereabouts, leading to the belief that the product line might have been terminated once and for all.

But heat sparks fire, and so are clues hinting at the new iPod touch's arrival. At this point, a recent article from the Christian Times has indicated that the device will still be coming, only that it isn't Apple's priority.

Citing information from the Tech Times, the outlet reported that the device is expected for release in September -- one full year post the climactic launch that catapulted the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to glory.

Let's head straight to the best of speculations pegged about the new iPod touch:

Two Models

As we have previously noted, the revamped media player is believed to come in two models -- two display sizes in particular.

The device appears to follow the measurements donned by the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, having been rumored to arrive in 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch variants.

Aside from the obvious fact that one device is larger than the other, no other detail about their differences has been out at present. However, it is said that they'll come in usual technicolor, offered in pink, yellow, red, silver, blue and space grey hues.

iOS 9 Support

This is best taken with a pinch of salt, but the device has been rumored to arrive with the Apple Watch and iOS 9.

As far as Master Herald has thought, the Apple Watch will be synchronized with the new iPod touch. The outlet said that this syncing will only be successful through the help of iOS, predicting that the iOS 9 would be the necessary complement. It goes to say that the device is expected to launch next month.

The source wrote, "It is likely that the two devices would be rolled out together."

An Upgraded Processor

This may not be news, since almost all rumored products are touted to get an updated chip. But the iPod touch 6G is believed to pack an A8 (or even an A9) processor, the brain that powers today's gargantuan-selling iPhone 6.

That being said, it seems like the new iPod touch draws much inspiration from the latest iPhone flagship, so we'll certainly be on the lookout for more information.

More Features

The inclusion of Retina Display, a radio app, larger storage options, Apple Pay and Touch ID fingerprint system are all predicted to pack in the new iPod touch.


The iPod touch 6G's selling points could vary depending on the available storage options, but as previously speculated, the 16 GB version might come at $250.

If you want to know more about the current-generation iPod touch, check this out.

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