Updated 12:42 PM EDT, Thu, Oct 21, 2021

WWE Wrestlers Express 'Discontent' Over NXT Roster

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WWE main roster and NXT talents are reportedly unhappy about how their higher-ups are handling their careers.

First, professional wrestler Bryan Alvarez openly discussed the purported shabby treatment WWE wrestlers get compared to the wrestlers in NXT, its professional wrestling development branch, on his Wrestling Observer Live show on f4wonline.com:

"I mean there's discontent on the main WWE roster over NXT and the sense that all of these NXT performers are getting a chance to go out there and have great wrestling matches during these specials, and meanwhile the Raw roster has to go out there and have short matches on TV in nothing matches, particularly if they are the women."

Cagesideseats.com reported about WWE wrestlers's rumored disappointment over "poor scripting and current booking," which they cannot do anything about.

The WWE Divas were the ones extremely frustrated about this, according to Whatculture.com. It said that NXT women were in co-main events, getting ample time to develop their matches while theirs were short and insignificant.

Journalist Dave Meltzer, who covers professional wrestling and mixed martial arts at Wrestling Observer Newsletter, affirmed Alvarez's story but added that NXT talents are also frustrated.

"So story is accurate but it's inherent. It was the same thing in the OVW days, well not exactly the same, but similar. I get DMs from people on the main roster always after those specials. It's a common frustration. The top NXT performers are frustrated they aren't on the main roster making money. Then they will get more frustrated when they realize their dream. WWE guys are frustrated they aren't having the matches guys in NXT are when they know if they can perform before 400 fans in longer matches they can tear the house down," Meltzer said on his message board.

Inquisitr.com reported that most NXT talents get paid $25,000 to $26,000 per year. Others who came from independent wrestling stints such as Prince Devitt and Kevin Steen reportedly earn $45,000 per year. It added that NXT Divas are paid about $50,000 a year for "upkeep" purposes.

Compare those with upper mid card WWE wrestler Alberto Del Rio's at least $625,000 a year, and to main event superstar John Cena's $3 million per year, as reported on Whatculture.com.

According to the same Cagesideseats.com article, all of NXT's talents, with the exception of Baron Corbin, who is a former NFL player, and current NXT Women's champion Sasha Banks, would be a tough sell to WWE topman Vince McMahon.

It said that even if a talent showed promise, it could still be given "the dreaded boring tab," such as what happened to Antonio Cesaro, an NXT (formerly FCW) alumnus, when he was seen "cleanly jobbing" to Randy Orton in less than three minutes on a Raw match, Cagesideseats.com reported.

McMahon's nod is a necessary step for an NXT wrestler to be able to join the roster of the main WWE superstars.

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