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One Direction New Songs 2015: Fifth Harmony Collab Confirmed? [Rumors]

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One Direction and Fifth Harmony have something in common - both groups were formed by Simon Cowell through the reality TV show "The X-Factor." One might wonder if the similarities between the two pop groups could lead to them collaborating on a song. This possibility became more apparent when 1D member Liam Payne started tweeting about a possible team-up.

On February 4, Payne took to Twitter to promote Fifth Harmony's new album titled "Reflection," Hollywood Life reported. Aside from being a 1D member, Payne is also known for his DJ skills as Big Payno. Now that he's also expressed interest on remixing one of the girl group's songs, it's not surprising that the DJ's wish could become a reality someday soon.

One Direction's Career Advice to 5H

It's hard to be a newcomer in the music scene, but the 1D boys have always been supportive of Fifth Harmony. Just recently, the "Sledgehammer" singers revealed what the British boys' shared with them about surviving fame.

"We've met the boys and seen how humble and down-to-earth they are, it's clear they are still so real," Dinah Jane Hansen said, as quoted by Sugarscape. "It makes us want to make sure we don't lose ourselves in this business, that's what we learned from them."

She added, "Harry [Styles] told us, 'Through everything you should stick together. Make sure you never break your bond'. I think that was good advice."

Ally Brooke Hernandez, also of 5H, revealed that her group was shocked about how slowly the process moves in the music industry. The girls left "The X-Factor" in 2012 and it was only this year that they released their debut album, Sugarscape noted.

"The first lesson we had to learn about the music business is that the process can be slow," Hernandez added, as quoted by the news outlet. "But we are super pumped that our album is here at last."

One Direction New Music Video Coming Soon?

As for 1D, which consists of Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Louis Tomlinson, rumor has it that the boys are cooking up a new music video for one of their singles from their most recent album, "Four."

According to a separate report from Sugarscape, the group was reportedly spotted filming their new music video in Sydney. Now that "Steal My Girl" is out of the equation, the group might be shooting a music video for "Where Do Broken Hearts Go," "Ready to Run," "Girl Almighty," "Stockholm Syndrome," or "Fool's Gold," among other singles, the report added.

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