Updated 05:15 AM EST, Sun, Nov 29, 2020

Lionel Messi News: Man Utd Winger Angel di Maria Says He'd Get Along With Chelsea Boss

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Machester United winger Angel di Maria has issued a statement which further fueled speculations about Lionel Messi's Barcelona exit and Chelsea entry.

According to a report from Daily Mail, Di Maria said that he could see Messi and Chelsea boss Jose Maurinho getting along well together. Di Maria expects his fellow Argentinian teammate to remain with the Catalan giants, but he also stated that Messi would get along well with Mourinho. Di Maria worked under the Chelsea boss at the Santiago Bernabeu.

"In principle, I don't think Leo wants to leave Barcelona. It's hard to walk away from a club that's given you everything, where you effectively grew up. But no I don't think he'd have any problem working with Mourinho," Di Maria said, as quoted by Daily Mail.

A separate report from Daily Mail stated that Messi further sparked transfer rumors when he Chelsea's official Instagram account and skipped an open training session attended by thousands of children. He also followed Blues stars Thibaut Courtois and Filipe Luis on the photo sharing website.

Rumors about Messi's transfer to Chelsea have been going rampant ever since reports about his disagreement with boss Luis Enrique surfaced. Barca defender Jeremy Mathieu revealed that Barcelona captain Messi and Enrique had an argument during a pre-season training session earlier in January, ESPN FC reported. The two, however, quickly made up after the spat.

Messi and Enrique are rumored to be having tensions in their relationship in recent weeks, ESPN FC noted.

"It was when we got back from holiday," Mathieu revealed, as quoted by the news outlet. "Suddenly, for a foul that wasn't given, 'Leo' blew his top. Things got tense, they said a few things to each other."

He added, "The coach came to speak to him in the dressing room afterwards and that's that. It happens at every club, but because it's Barcelona, it's made out to be a huge thing. That's the problem."

A report from Express said that Messi could be facing a £200m move to Chelsea or Manchester United after the heated row with Enrique.

Back in November, Mourinho denied claims suggesting that his team is intent on getting Messi.

"My reaction is that your world changed so much that our world also changed so much. And I think, in this moment, it's so easy, so easy to have non-truths circulating. It's so easy that some people put news without confirming or speaks about rumors. Obviously it's not true. Obviously it's not true," Mourinho said, as quoted by Daily Mail.

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