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Grammys 2015 Recap: Katy Perry Wows Crowd with Inspiring Performance

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There were so many things that went on Sunday's Grammy Awards - Sam Smith won a lot of awards, Kanye West managed to make a lot of things about him, Beck beat out Beyonce for album of the year, and Taylor Swift did not win anything - it was such a riot as there were a few surprises involved.

Last year, couples got married during the Grammy's and it was the talk of the town for awhile. This time, it's a single artist's stand on an important issue, which she made clear during her performance.

Katy Perry sparked another set of fireworks, and this time, there was no Left Shark involved.

In a long white gown and a very tame performance (compared to her recent super bowl halftime show) the "Roar" singer showed off her vocals and gave it all she got as she sang "Grace of God."

According to Entertainmentwise, the powerful message behind Perry's performance was the result of domestic abuse survivor Brooke Axtell's speech, which came just before the singer took the stage. In the speech, Axtell shared her experiences, giving hope to girls around the globe who are going through domestic abuse, telling them that they too, can get through it.

Who is Brooke Axtell? According to the International Business Times, the 27-year-old is a writer and performance artist from Texas. She is also an activist and is the current director of communications and engagement for Allies Against Slavery, a nonprofit organization whose members dedicate themselves to fighting human trafficking.

"Grace of God," the song that Perry performed meant a great deal as she wrote it during a time when she's having a particularly difficult time. She shared, "That song is evident of how tough it really was at a certain point. I asked myself, 'Do I want to endure? Should I continue living?'"

Daily Life reported that Perry's performance opened with a PSA from the President of the United States himself, asking viewers to sign "It's On Us" a pledge to help fight sexual and domestic abuse against women.

Perry's performance was certainly inspiring, however, not everyone was impressed considering that the organization which raised the issue, also honored artists like Chris Brown and R Kelly with nominations, who was convicted of assault and accused of rape and sex, respectively; and Eminem, who is known for misogynistic lyrics, was just awarded a Grammy.

What do you think of the Grammy's stand on the issue of domestic violence?

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