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Jeremy Lin Trade News & Rumors: Should Lakers Star be Out? [Poll]

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Low production and a large sum for a salary are, as a rule of thumb at the NBA trade universe, a recipe for disaster -- personified by Jeremy Lin of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Lin will probably turn out to be a waste of money, as Fansided noted that the Lakers might fail to get him in a trade equalling their huge investment back in the 2014-15 season.

Lin's salary cap is $8.37 million this season but he earns $15 million as part of a 2012 deal with his former team, the Houston Rockets, said NJ.com. The Lakers still owe him $6.05 million.

The once-wonder at the center of "Linsanity" had huge basketball shoes to fill going into the season but ended up rarely positioned in the First Five and mostly just coming off the bench, according to the Fansided report.

It also noted that Lin hadn't stepped up to the plate attitude-wise, having been passive with his team.

When Steve Nash went down, people thought he would shine but that didn't happen, Lakers Nation noted. The Lakers might also even cut his playing time with Jordan Clarkson in the picture.

For all those conditions, although a point guard with Lin's skillset could be valuable to many teams, some have presumably been turned off, said Fansided.

Lin made relative good of his minor role in the Lakers, racking up 10.4 points and 4.7 assists, noted NJ.com, but the digits now pale with less than two weeks before the trade closes in Feb. 19. The Lakers are looking at a strong possibility that they could ink a bad contract, if at all, said the report.

If only the contract was not that big, said Pro Basketball Talk.

According to Sports World Report, the Cleveland Cavaliers, to whom the Lakers lost 120-105 Sunday afternoon, may find Lin a good addition. His name appears side by side with Norris Cole, Tyler Ennis, Jose Calderon, Mo Williams, Reggie Jackson, Lance Stephenson and Gerald Green as strong possibilities.

The athletes can boost the offensive capacity of the Cavs as they bid for the championship, said the report. They are currently at the top of the central division with the Chicago Bulls.

Taking in Lin could be wishful thinking for some, but his deal expiring this summer could add possibilities, Sports World Report added. Lakers Nation said the Charlotte Hornets and Detroit Pistons could also use Lin.

In general, however, Sporting News said, the Lin market has been "weak" and he's "struggling" with his mid-range shooting, even though he could make a good backup pointguard

Pro Basketball Talk also discussed that Lin was strong with pick-and-roll and three pointers, among others, but was quite weak in assists and defense. There are also too many turnovers.

In contrast, noted the Bleacher Report, Jordan Hill, although injured, might be an easier trade.

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