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Demi Lovato New Album 2015: Singer 'Never Felt This Hungry and Driven'

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Fans of Demi Lovato are in for a treat when her fifth studio album rolls out.

In a series of tweets she posted on her Twitter account, the 22-year-old singer teased about what's to expect from her upcoming album, which she says she's about to record soon. According to Lovato, her new music would be different and more genuine than her previous ones.

"Excited to get back in the studio in days.... Are you guys ready for album #5???" she tweeted. "I've never been more confident in my sound. Never been so sure of who I am as an artist. Never felt this hungry and driven. I can't describe my new sound... The only word that comes to mind is authentic. Very very authentic to who I am & the voice I have inside."

Lovato continued, "What I can say is this will be my best work yet... Already game changing music and I've barely scratched the surface on creating this album. I am going to sing my heart out more than I've ever sang before. To the sound that I've spent my whole life trying to identify. I'm ready."

The former Disney star's statements came after she attended the Roc Nation Pre-Grammys Brunch on Saturday, Fox News Latino reported. Lovato isn't a nominee at any category in the 57th Annual Grammy Awards.

Based on the singer's tweets, her upcoming album could be her best work yet in the music scene. Her tracks, including "Skyscraper," "Neon Lights," and "Give Your Heart A Break," were huge successes amongst pop music enthusiasts, E! News listed.

She declared, "F*ck trying to make music that will appeal to the masses for the sake of hit songs. It's time to share my lane... MY SOUND. Because no one can take away my individuality or copy my best work which my fans deserve to see. I'm sorry it took so long to figure out my channel but it's here. The changes I've made. It's a new journey... A new chapter in MY life and I'm so f*cking ready."

"I WILL get a Grammy nomination one day. No more f*ckin around. Let's GO!!!!!" Lovato concluded.

The singer is also set to have an appearance as a guest judge on "RuPaul's Drag Race." According to a report from ET Online, she will be joined by other stars such as Ariana Grande, Kathy Griffin, Jordin Sparks, Alyssa Milano, Kat Dennings, and Olivia Newton-John.

Lovato was recently named as CNN's top mental wellness warrior. She is known for being an advocate of mental health awareness and in discussing her bipolar disorders openly with the public.

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