Updated 05:36 AM EDT, Mon, May 27, 2019

'Glee' Latino: Vadhir Derbez to Star in Upcoming Musical Series

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Fans of Vadhir Derbez will soon see the actor in a "Glee-style" series.

According to a report from Latin Times, Derbez will star in a developing musical series titled "Candela." The actor, son of Mexican TV star Eugenio Derbez, will stay in Miami for at least eight months for filming. His love interest in the show will be portrayed by actress Sheryl Rubio.

"I imagine they're doing something similar to 'Glee' but perhaps not like 'I'm on stage and I burst out singing' type of thing but something more of a 'Glee-Rebelde' mashup," Derbez said, as quoted by Latin Times.

Derbez also revealed the plot of "Candela" when he was interviewed on the red carpet for the movie premiere of "Las Horas Cantigo."

"The show will be called like that because that's the name of the Sheryl's character. I'll be her couple; a young music teacher who teaches young kids (who are not so young), only three or four years younger than me," the actor explained, as reported by the news outlet.

He added, "She starts in my class and gives me lots of problems for being super rebellious, so I hate her in the beginning. There starts to be more of a connection later on because I love the music she composes. There's a click and the love story begins."

The upcoming musical series doesn't have a definite premiere date yet, but the actor explained that it is expected to be shown in 100 countries. Live shows with the cast at a later date could also happen, Latin Times noted.

Trouble with the law?

Back in 2010, Derbez was reportedly pulled over by police for speeding in the Key West. The offense landed him a $500 bail. His girlfriend at the time, Anna Maria Lopez, was also pulled over by cops on her way to bail him out and "was found to have a suspended license," according to a separate report from Latin Times. However, a policeman only told her to get on her way and made her promise to not drive until after she had her license renewed.

After a few days, Lopez was once again pulled over by police for driving too slow and was held in jail for her suspended driving permit, the news outlet noted.

Things have definitely been better for Derbez after the incident as he kept himself busy with various projects. He had an appearance on "Nuestra Belleza Latina" last year, a separate Latin Times report recalled. He was also one of the attendees at the TV y Novelas Awards 2014 Nominations Night, Famous Fix stated.

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