Updated 07:06 AM EST, Sat, Jan 16, 2021

Most Curvy: Size 12 Bikini-Clad Model to be on Sports Illustrated Cover

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For the first time ever, Sports Illustrated is having a plus-sized model grace the cover of its highly anticipated swimsuit edition, welcoming size 12 model Robyn Lawley, TIME reported.

Sports Illustrated made the official announcement on Thursday morning, introducing Lawley as their new cover girl. She is officially the magazine's curviest model and is not only showing off her bikini-clad bod for the cover, but she's also modeling a bikini that came from her very own swimwear line.

"I'm so excited, I'm dying - I'm dying!" Lawley gushed following the announcement.

The average American woman is reportedly a size 14, though Lawley's size frame fits the qualifications of what the fashion industry considered a plus-size model, TIME explained. Overall, Lawley, who is represented by Wilhemina Models, claimed she doesn't think about labels.

She explained, "I don't know if I consider myself a plus-size model or not. I just consider myself a model because I'm trying to help women in general accept their bodies."

During a "Casting Call" interview for the magazine, she also said, "I would love to change the opinion of plus-size girls," according to Cosmopolitan.

She added, I feel every catwalk and every editorial spread should feature all different types of bodies and faces."

Lawley also posted a teaser photo of her spread on her Instagram, saying, "Ahhhhhh I'm beyond ecstatic to join the amazing @si_swmsuit family!!!! If someone told me at the beginning of my career that this would happen I would of said "tell em his dreaming" haha!"

She also thanked the photographers and the crew for, as she wrote, "embracing who I am" in the magazine's 2015 issue.

Another plus-size model is also set to appear on the pages of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, model Ashley Graham, according to The Guardian.

The ad is by swimwear manufacturing company Swimsuits For All, and they claimed, "Today, there is a growing enthusiasm for the curvy, natural body type."

The company pointed out celebrities who flaunt their curves, major fashion labels that are starting to sign curvier models and have them model alongside their thinner counterparts and also the increase in curvy confident women in social media.

"When the #CurvesinBikinis ad in Sports Illustrated is released, the world will be watching and they'll like what they'll see," stated Moshe Laniado, the CEO of Swimsuits For All, in a statement quoted by The Guardian.

Lawley and Graham will be appearing in the February issue of the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated, which comes out on Feb. 9. What also makes their appearances more newsworthy is the fact that they will appear on the magazine a year after it featured the slimmer, thinner Barbie on its cover, The Guardian noted.

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