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‘Persona 5’ Release Date & Trailer: Gameplay & Character Details Out in Livestream Event

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Developer Atlus has announced a 30-hour "Persona" livestream session beginning Feb. 4, Design & Trend reported. Expected to bring a slew of revelations on the popular Japanese franchise, the event finishes with the "Persona Super Live 2015" concert the following day.

Those living in Japan, set in a different time zone, will see the livestream on the above date at 13:00 JST, PlayStationLifeStyle.net noted. Those residing in the U.S. can start tuning in on Feb. 3, 11 p.m. EST.

The JST schedule is provided below (via BREATHEcast):

Feb. 4, 2015

13:00 - Intro

14:00 - "Persona Q" character exhibition

15:00 - "Persona 4" Ultimax character exhibition

18:00 - "Persona 4" Golden Vita special

19:30 - "Persona" Sound 25 soundtrack special

21:30 - "Persona 3" The Movie #1 and #2

23:40 - Mystery

Feb. 5, 2015

12:30 - Mystery

13:00 - "Persona" Sound 25 rebroadcast

15:00 - "Persona 4" Golden Vita special rebroadcast

17:00 - Mystery rebroadcast

18:00 - Final Countdown

18:30 - "Persona" Stalker Club extra

21:00 - Mystery

To make sure you don't miss the event, head over here for the actual channel. As of press time, the event hasn't started yet, so make sure to finish those errands for a timely "Persona" treat!

Fans of the role-playing franchise would be happy to know that Atlus is bound to spill juicy information surrounding "Persona 5," Crossmap wrote. According to the outlet, the developer has confirmed that revelations on the title's gameplay and main character will be told in the event.

Supporting this notion is Katsura Hashino, director of the upcoming title. As told by Design & Trend, he has revealed in past interviews that "Persona 5" details would be out at the early turn of 2015. How cool is that?

At present, only speculations about the game's protagonist have been rampant. But fans were noted to call the lead guy "Potter," referring to the character's resemblance with the Boy-Who-Lived from J.K. Rowling's epic saga.

The release date of "Persona 5" remains unknown, so hopes are up that something about it comes out in the event. However, Crossmap went on to inform that the game is to arrive "somewhere in 2015."

More particularly, the game is scheduled to release "late Spring," BREATHEcast wrote. Either way, we'll have to see something before the calendar makes another turn.

"Persona 5" is slated to arrive for Sony's PS3 and PS4 in North America and Japan. For more information, check out the game's official site here.

What do you expect to see from Atlus' livestream event? Will "Potter" get another name? Share your predictions in the comments section!

In the meantime, see the game's PS4 trailer (via GamesHQMedia) below.

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