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PS Plus Free Games February 2015 List: Feb 3 Release for Transistor, Apotheon, Yakuza 4, Thief, & Rogue Legacy

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It's going to be a fun month for PlayStation owners, as Sony just released the list of games to be released this February, most of which are free for PlayStation Plus members.

According to Christian Today, the list will start off with "Transistor", "Apotheon", "Yazuka", "Thief", "Kick and Fennick", and "Rogue Legacy."

Here they are, as noted on Digital Trends:



This sci-fi role-playing game from the creators of "Bastion" is equipped with better visuals and soundtrack set in an Art Deco future, with great combat upgrades and tactical planning.


Those with interest in Greek Mythology will love Apatheon, as players take on the gods with visuals that are based from the iconic syles from Greek vases, giving the game a lovely aesthetic as far as the graphics are concerned.



Japan's version of the Mafia will take you to an action-adventure-filled game that is very similar to the Grand Theft Auto franchise. The story of crime and revenge also has a lot of minigames attached to it to fill out the story.


The master thief, Garrett, stars in the reboot of Looking Glass Studio's classic stealth game from 1998. Find the most valuable loot as you sneak around the dark steampunk city in this first-person classic.

PS Vita

"Kick & Fennick"

Survive in a futuristic world with a young boy and his friendly robot in this desolate world where not all robots are friends. This family-friendly platform is a sci-fi adventure that even kids will enjoy.

"Rogue Legacy"

Also available for PS3 and PS4, "Rogue Legacy" is a "procedurally generated platformer" that will carry on your legacy, depending on the loot and gold you can manage to snag through a dangerous castle, of course, since it's a legacy game, as you inevitably die, hopefully your children and descendants can make it a little further into the riches than you.

According to Entertainment Weekly, PlayStation Plus subscribers are promised new games available to be downloaded every month, some of which will be free. The games listed are available for users for all of February at no extra cost, and new games will be introduced in the first week of March.

So for PlayStation Plus subscribers, it really is worth getting a membership, as you get to have dibs on new games and updates, depending on what's in store every month.

Are you excited for these games, and if you're not yet subscribed, will these compel you to get your own membership in PS Plus?

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