Updated 11:39 PM EST, Wed, Feb 26, 2020

NFL News and Updates: Probe Starts on Atlanta Falcons' Use of Artificial Crowd Noise

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After the probe on the underinflated balls, the NFL is now looking into the alleged use of artificial crowd noise by the Atlanta Falcons in their Georgia Dome for the past two seasons.

According to ESPN, if proven, the Falcons, could be fined and may lose a draft choice.

"We were informed during the season that the league office is looking into crowd noise during our games. We have cooperated fully with them, and we're awaiting the outcome," a team spokesperson was quoted by ESPN as saying.

Earlier reports said that the Falcons were allegedly piping in the artificial noise through the stadium speakers while their opponents were huddling and trying to call its play.

The Los Angeles Times explained that additional noise in the stadium during the games "could make it harder for teams to call plays and for quarterbacks to call audibles." It added that NFL rules clearly state that teams cannot transmit audio into the sound system of the studio after 20 seconds in the play clock though video boards are allowed any time prior to the game.

This season, the Falcons went 3-5 at the Georgia Dome and were kicked by the Carolina Panthers during Week 17, rendering them unable to fet the NFC South Division title.

This standing, according to Bleacher Report, clearly shows that the artificial crowd noise "hasn't given the team a major advantage."

"No matter the effectiveness, it's against the rules, and it seems like the NFL is ready to send a message with a fairly steep punishment if the Falcons are deemed guilty. It's unclear what draft pick they may forfeit, but losing any pick during the rebuilding process would certainly prove costly," Bleacher Report added as it explained the repercussions of the alleged violation.

Aside from this issue, reports said that the offseason has been busy for the Falcons with the team firing head coach Mike Smith when Atlanta failed to make it to the playoff for two consecutive seasons. Smith has been coaching for the Falcons for seven years. NFL.com said that the team is set to announce Dann Quinn as their new head coach on Tuesday.

Sports Illustrated reported that this is not the first time that the NFL is facing the issue in artificial crowd noise as it recalled an incident in 2013 with the Washington Redskins.

The team, according to Sports Illustrated, "were criticized by their own fans for allegedly pumping noise into FedExField."

Just last October, the Indianapolis Colts were also accused of using fake noise during a game against the Baltimore Ravens but coach Chuck Pagano said that the allegations were just insults to the Indianapolis fans, Sports Illustrated added.

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