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Lindsay Lohan Community Service Include Meet & Greet With Fans?

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In 2012, former child star Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to community service after she was found guilty of reckless driving. Lindsay was not present for her court date on Wednesday. According to People, she was spotted partying in Paris just days before she's due in court.

However, her lawyer Shawn Holley was there, presenting documents that claimed LiLo finished the last 80 hours of her community service in nine days,- just in time to avoid going to jail, by the way - according to USA Today.

However, Santa Monica Chief Deputy City Attorney Terry White disagreed with the documents presented, saying that meet-and-greet events hardly qualifies as community service.

White complained, "She got to shake hands with people, and that's community service," adding that "I'd love to hang out with a celebrity all day and see their life, but that's not community service."

According to E! News, Lohan received credit for "work shadowing experience" with a couple of fans, which White said to mean "basically hanging out with her."

Her hours were also questionable. According to Inquistr, White doubts that the actress was able to finish her hours, considering that she was treated for Chikungunya for the days listed that she was doing community service. A source said, "The prosecutor was just given the progress report this morning and there are some big questions that need to be answered. Specifically, dates when Lindsay was in the hospital being treated for Chikungunya are listed as days she was completing community service."

Her attorney, however, insisted that the actress kept up with her work despite being sick, and insisting that a "true level of community service has been performed by Ms. Lohan."

Due to the mess of including "meet-and-greet" events added as part of her community service, Superior Court Judge Richard Stone scheduled another hearing for February 18 and gave White the time to verify Lindsay's community service hours. According to USA Today, White initially said that he cannot verify what the former child star has been doing, however, he said that if her hours turned out to be incomplete, he would be seeking jail time for the actress.

Following the accident, Lindsay was supposed to complete 240 hours of community service, spend 90 days in a rehab facility, as well as undergo 18 months of therapy during her two-year probationary term.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan should include hanging out with her fans as part of her community service, or should she be picking up trash from the streets like a normal person would have?

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