Updated 04:55 PM EST, Sun, Jan 16, 2022

Cleveland Cavaliers News: LeBron James Working on a Game Show

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Aside from basketball, Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James seems to be interested in television as he is rumored to start a new game show.

An ESPN report said that the basketball player's SpringHill Productions is partnering with NBC in a new primetime game show with an estimated payout of seven figures.

The same report said that the TV project will be produced by Andrew Glassman, the man behind "Average Joe" and "Three Wishes".

It has also been reported that the staff of the still unnamed show has conducted the first casting in Cleveland and Akron areas upon James' request.

"It gives people here an opportunity to live out a dream, the things they only dreamed about, and that's to make more money than they ever thought they could make in their lives," James told ESPN.

He added that it will be a life-changing experience for the people in his hometown. "I thought starting here, with the people that I love here, means a lot to them. And me being a part of the game show is just all part of my team doing things that's outside the box but also that's fun for families and people that any ages can gravitate to," he added.

Cleveland.com reported that the show has prioritized James' request before moving on to other states in the country looking for more contestants.

"Contestants will be pairs of people, connected either through marriage, family, or friendship, competing to win 'life-changing amounts of money' in contests of knowledge and luck," the same report added.

If how much money the contestants will make in the show, that remains to be a question which will hopefully be answered in the coming weeks.

But according to Cleveland.com, the contestants to be picked are "deserving, everyday people" who can be nominated by civic and community leaders in their area.

If other people are interested in nominating contestants for the game, they can do so by going to dreamchancetv.com. Reports however said that James' friends, family, and members of his charitable foundation are not eligible for the show.

James was reportedly highly involved in the development of the show but since the NBA season has started, he is now very busy with his games with the Cavs.

Soon the TV show will make noise once it's name has been finalized and James will surely receive credit for conceptualizing it and making it a reality.

His neighbors and Akron residents will also be very thankful for being given priority in the game show.

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