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'The Expendables' Release Date News & Rumors: Cast to Include Jackie Chan?

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"The Expendables" is the stuff of legends - literally, with its all-star cast exploding into action.

Apparently, another addition will see to the next film, and it's the world-famous director, producer, musician, and yes, action star, Jackie Chan.

According to Air Herald, if Chan really is joining the cast of the action film, the franchise will be sky-rocketing itself to a higher stellar range the previous films in the franchise has done before, considering that the legendary Jackie Chan reinvented action films, martial arts, and comedy movies all in one, and is considered to be among the biggest celebrities in the world.

His addition to the cast will make "The Expendables 4" bigger and better than the previous one combined. In addition to Chan, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson confirmed his involvement, making this a film to skyrocket for blockbuster glory from the fan base alone. The Rock will be playing a villain this time, to show the flexibility of his acting range, said the website.

However, according to Master Herald, Jackie Chan's schedule may be too booked to film "The Expendables" but that hasn't deterred Stallone from trying to recruit him and according to the website, he is planning to do everything possible to ensure Chan's involvement.

While Chan is still in talks about joining the stellar cast, Stallone and the rest of "The Expendables" crew are also hoping to recruit another Asian celebrity to add to the already well-known roster, although unlike Chan, the other Asian recruit is less of an actor than an actual boxer: Manny Pacquiao.

Rumors about the Filipino boxer's involvement started when Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger went to his locker room before his fight with Chris Algieri, to wish him the best of luck. As it turned out, it seems that most people are convinced that Stallone and Schwarzenegger spoke to him about more than just his fight at the ring: it also involved a recruitment offer to join "The Expendables" cast of prestigious names.

 Stallone and Schwarzenegger aren't the only ones excited to get him on board. Apprently, the rest of the cast is reportedly into the idea, as many of them have been eyeing Pacquiao to be part of the franchise, and it seems that Pacquiao is on board.

However, not much has been said about his involvement and has not even been confirmed yet, so that remains to be seen.

Which action star are you most excited to join the cast? Do you think including a boxer in the mix is a good idea?

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