Updated 10:26 PM EST, Sat, Jan 22, 2022

NBA Trade Rumors & News: Top 5 Players Likely to be Traded

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The NBA trading deadline, set on Feb. 19, is fast approaching and if rumors are right, there are several notable players who may find themselves with a new team before the season is up, Hoops Habit reported.

There are a lot of names, deals and rumors flying around and these have left fans wondering which player is heading where and which team is losing who. However, there are several players whose names are being dropped more often and more prominently than the others, and they seem to be the ones headed right for the trading block.

One of those under consideration is Arron Afflalo from the Denver Nuggets, who unfortunately didn't seem to be fitting into the team's plans. There didn't seem to be a shortage of teams interested in the player though, so he might get snapped up fast if the Nuggets put him up for trade, Bleacher Report noted.

Another is Reggie Jackson from the Oklahoma City Thunder, who already seems to be well aware of his chances of being traded. Russell Westbrook is already the starting point guard of the team, and Dion Waiters has also joined the team. There's a chance Jackson will either move on or, if a good deal pulls through, sign up for one more year with the Thunders, according to SB Nation.

Third is Brook Lopez from the Brooklyn Nets, who is the team's longest tenured member but has made no notable contributions to the team. Reports have it that manager Billy King is shopping for him, the same time that the Nets is said to be going up for sale. It's been reported that the Nets and the Houston Rockets are interested on making a deal, according to Hoops Habit and Empire Writes Back.

Lance Stephenson of the Charlotte Hornets is also up for consideration. While a valuable sign off for the team, he was unable to show off his skills this season despite anticipation by the league and by fans. His record is not up to par and after almost being shipped off to the Nets, the Hornets may push through with finding him another team, according to Scores Pro.

Last is Thaddeus Young of the Minnesota Timberwolves, who is being eyed by both the Brooklyn Nets and Sacramento Kings. While the player has been performing well this season, most reports claim that he may need to find a new team to fully unleash his potential, according to Scores Pro and Hoops Habit.

There are others names said to be on the trading block, such as David West of the Indiana Pacers and Nik Stauskas of the Sacramento Kings, but until the deadline comes in, there's no choice but to wait and see who's going to make their home with a new team.

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