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'Madden NFL 16' Release Date & Gameplay: 5 Greatest Features on Wishlist [Video]

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EA Sports' climactic football video game, "Madden NFL 15," was released on Aug. 26 in North America and Aug. 29 in Europe. Teaming up with ESPN, EA has promised that the title will bring the "most immersive defensive gameplay control in franchise history," IGN reported. It was released for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Nearly five months following the game's release, speculations pertaining to its sequel have already surfaced. As suggested by madden16game.com, the most possible release date for "Madden [NFL] 16" is August 2015 -- a year after its predecessor.

Furthermore, the outlet claimed that even if "Madden NFL 15" has been one of EA Sports' best games, a sequel will be "imperative," considering the idea of expected add-ons and features.

Talking about updates, we've curated five of the greatest features you might want to see in the franchise's next installment. While we're waiting for EA's official word, it may be nice to check out what's already anticipated for "Madden NFL 16," and see if they ever come true at launch!

1. More Customization

Lance Liebl of GameZone wanted next year's "Madden" to bring team-building features, such as those that allow gamers to select their team name, logo, colors and uniform design as desired.

As with any other video game, customization features may always be wanted as they grant players the ability to whip some personal touch to their gaming characters.

2. More Realism

In another report, madden16game.com listed wanted features such as more realistic crowd cheering and fan chanting. Hey, nobody wants a static sea of colors accompanied by bizarre shouting and howling!

The outlet added that fans also want to see realistic footwork animations, which of course, add up to some real-life "NFL" feel. A fan wrote, "A realistic game of NFL football would make me weep for joy. That is my wishlist."

3. Mock Drafts

GameZone listed drafts as loved by fans, and we couldn't agree more. As told by the outlet, these drafts need not be as accurate, but it would still be interesting to see how players are affected by their performance under tight circumstances.

4. Much Better WR/DB Interaction

This sort of interaction is another common issue faced by players, wrote madden16game.com. The source noted that many wanted this area to be EA's focus, where biggest improvement should actually be done.

A fan thought, "I want improvement in WR/DB interation improvment. Along with this I also want improvement in scrounting reports. They should display basic information about all the player."

5. Miscellaneous Improvements

With no official word from EA, the possibilities for "Madden NFL 16" are endless. Fans may also want to have a new commentary team, more presentation options, improved QB accuracy, more socialization and an improved story mode.

Do you expect to see similar additions as above? What other features would you like to see in the next "Madden" game? Share your wishes in the comments section.

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