Updated 09:59 PM EST, Sat, Jan 22, 2022

NFC Championship Game: Marshawn Lynch $1,000 Gold Cleats Could've Had Him Ejected

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Marshawn Lynch's 24K-gold shoes were a no-show at CenturyLink Field during the Seattle Seahawks' winning game on Jan. 18 against the Green Bay Packers for the NFC championships.

"So much for going for the gold," ESPN Go wrote. The report added that the footwear worth $1,100 would apparently violate the NFL rules.

"The NFL essentially pulled the plug on Marshawn Lynch's plan ... threatening to eject the running back if he sported them on the field," noted TMZ, which broke the story.

The shoes were designed by Marcus Rivero, noted the Los Angeles Times. Before the NFL's decision, he posted on Instagram: "I cannot wait to see @beastmode Marshawn Lynch rocking these this weekend. I think one of his notorious crazy runs would just look that much 'Gold-er' What do my 12th man fans think?"

That post as of press time has 2,300-plus likes, and responses that are mainly of disappointment.

"The cleats violate the league's code because they're not black, white or team colors. Every team submits to the league by July 1 its color scheme for cleats that will be worn by its players," the ESPN Go report explained. "Gold was not one of them for Seahawks."

If he insisted, he would have been out not only for the Sunday game but also for the Super Bowl, the report revealed.

To avoid that nightmarish reprimand, the running back wore a bright green pair at the warm-ups and then switched to team colors in the 28-22 victory.

According to Yahoo Sports, Lynch has had a couple of run ins with the NFL because of unsportsmanlike deeds and whatnot.

He was recently fined $100,000 for avoiding the media, ESPN Go noted. Yahoo Sports added a $11,050 for grabbing his crotch while doing a touchdown against the Arizona Cardinals in December.

On the newest blow, the TMZ piece concluded with a brief, "#NoFunLeague," echoed by Yahoo Sports in saying, "Ah, the No Fun League strikes again."

That might not end there though, as Lynch is also facing a possible fine, ironically for a touchdown that gave the Seahwaks their lead in the fourth quarter, said another ESPN Go report.

Although he produced a stellar 157 yards on 25 carries, proving that it's not really relevant what shoes you wear, he had done an obscene gesture similar to the $11,050-worth act after crossing the line to salvage some hope for a victory, the report explained.

He was not flagged in the game but could be slapped belatedly with unsportsmanlike conduct.

That touchdown with less than 90 seconds to spare, no matter how pricey it turns out to be, was crucial to the Seahawks, helping them produce 15 points in 44 seconds and a come-from-behind, per CBS Sports.

He raised the Seahawks' 14 to 22, versus 19. That was equalized for an overtime, but quarterback Russell Wilson and Jermaine Kearse pulled off a touchdown pass for a 28-22 final score.

Some fans missed those miracle plays in the dying minutes after walking out, thinking that a loss was impending, said Seattle Times

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