Updated 10:03 PM EST, Wed, Feb 26, 2020

NBA News and Rumors: Stephen Curry & Draymond Green Trash Talk, Throw Food at Seahawks Fans? [Watch Video Here]

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Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry, a big fan of the Carolina Panthers, watched the team's game against the Seattle Seahawks along with his family and friends, including teammate Draymond Green. But things turned ugly during the fourth quarter.

Curry was reportedly sitting with Green and company in a private box at the CenturyLink field and were surrounded by Seahawks fans who were of course, loudly rooting for Seattle. An exhange of trash talks ensued, Sports World News said.

The same report noted that the events escalated near the end of the game when Seahawks fans allegedly became more aggressive with their trash talk as the team dominated the fourth quarter.

According to CSNBayArea, when Curry's mother and wife got in a heated discussion with the Seattle fans positioned below them, Green started throwing grapes to the groups of Seattle fans.

Some reports also noted that another person threw some food to the same group of Seahawks fans, prompting them to fight back. The two groups ended up leaving the game without being kicked out.

An SFGate report noted that Curry didn't take the incident seriously. "That was a fun, little scene - I guess you'd call it. There was one fan whom lost his mind for a second. We defended ourselves, and Draymond, the only ammo he had was grapes. He's Draymond on and off the court," Curry told SFGate.

Curry also explained that the exchange of heated words happened after Cam Newton's pick-6 which started the victory run for Seattle. He also said that the fan's actions during the game and toward them were "ridiculous and unacceptable."

"I guess that was a good choice by (Green) to throw some grapes. It stains the jersey a little bit, but it doesn't do too much damage. How it all unfolded was really unnecessary, but nobody is going to let someone disrespect them. We're not going to get into a fight over it, but we said what we had to say and moved on," Curry added.

The Seahawks was able to beat the Panthers with a 31-17 victory giving them a shot at the NFC Championship where they are set to face the Packers.

Meanwhile, Sports World News added that Curry and Green's team, The Golden State Warriors, now holds a 29-5 record, the best in the league. With Curry being considered a potential MVP candidate and Green a necessary contributing force in the team's recent victories, the report said the team "should think twice about giving some of their best players time off in the future." 

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