Updated 05:38 PM EST, Sat, Jan 22, 2022

iPhone 6s Release Date, Specs & Updates: 4-Inch Model Not Coming? iPhone 7 Reportedly Postponed

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Prospects watching out for the 4-inch iPhone 6 may just be disappointed. That's because Apple has not made any plans concerning a smaller version of its current flagship, Christian Today reported.

According to the outlet, Chinese news site Feng revealed that the Cupertino giant has not prepared production tasks regarding this rumored variant of the iPhone 6.

The report contradicts our previous speculation, where we quoted other claims indicating that over ten million units of the device are expected for release. It has also been said that the model would launch this year.

Macworld also took note of Feng's report and had it translated in English. According to the report, sources believed that the reintroduction of a new, 4-inch iPhone will likely "suffer the same embarrassment" experienced by the iPhone 5c.

It must be noted that the iPhone 5c has also been a subject of recent whispers, most of which pointed to its alleged production halt.

Rumors surrounding the 4-inch iPhone 6 have been rampant, as it's expected to allow a more convenient, single-hand manipulation among customers. Specifically, talks have labeled it the iPhone 6s Mini, a variation of the likewise-rumored iPhone 6s. Some others have called it the iPhone 6c.

However, with no official word coming from Apple, speculations only remain as they are at present.

Meanwhile, the release of the upcoming flagship iPhone 7 has been reportedly postponed, according to "persons close to the company" cited by Load The Game. Convinced that it indefinitely replaces the iPhone 7, the outlet assumed that the iPhone 6s will either be an upgraded or a cheaper version of the current flagship.

That said, it appears that the only card left is the iPhone 6s. While industry speculations may not be verified yet, one of the device's strongest rumored features is its DSLR-quality imaging, a concept dropped by John Gruber. Earlier, he detailed that there might be a "weird two-lens system where the back camera uses two lenses and it somehow takes it up into DSLR quality imagery."

The Telegraph is convinced that a camera upgrade will come, given the fact that Samsung has been doubling Apple's megapixels for its products (e.g. Galaxy S5). Another alleged feature cited by the source is wireless charging.

In terms of specs, there have been talks indicating the collaboration between the rival companies for the iPhone 6s' processor. As told by Digital Trends, it's about the device's A9 chip, said to be crafted under 14nm FinFET technology. Such processor is said to take 35% less energy and provide 20% more power.

As we have previously noted, the iPhone 6s is expected to launch in Spring this year.

Check out CTNtechnologynews' parody trailer of the iPhone 6s below.

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