Updated 07:39 AM EDT, Sat, Oct 23, 2021

MacBook Air Retina Release Date, Specs & Features: Thinnest Apple Laptop But No More Ports?

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The new MacBook Air is as what could be expected from Apple: sleek and thin. However, according to ZD Net, it is rumored to be getting a revamp, and that will mean getting rid of the full-sized USB port, SD Card slot, and MagSafe connector.

The rumor, it turns out, came from gadget website 9to5Mac, and it's claiming that Apple is going to make the new MacBook smaller, taking an entire inch off, from 13-inch display to 12, and this means a lot of changes, including the keyboard, trackpad, and yes, the connectors as well. Not that there will definitely be no way of sharing files, but instead, a USB type C port will be used. This is of course, smaller and more powerful than the standard USB 2.0 and 3.0, and Apple is reportedly planning to ditch those completely, making the Type C the new norm. 

As Gizmondo pointed out, last year, Apple focused on the feature which lets devices move seamlessly, from computer, pad, and phone, making sharing among Apple devices easier, and allowing users to avoid using wires altogether. Was it Apple's way of preparing the industry for what's about to come?

Besides, this is not the first time Apple took away something that was considered a staple for laptops. The website recalled that in 2008, Apple launched a MacBook Air without an optical disc drive, during the time when most people were still using them for CDs and DVDs. They died out eventually, and it seems that Apple's goal is to have USB ports meet the same fate.

9to5Mac, however, seems to believe that with the lack of ports, Apple will create some sort of hub in order to plug in devices to the laptop - they have already done so before, making it a likely scenario.

Another feature that we'll be missing, added 9to5Mac, is the clicking effect that is found on all the earlier MacBook models, and this is apparently done so in order to reduce the thickness of the computer to its minimum.

9to5 Mac concluded that aside from than the aesthetic look, not much is known about the next MacBook Air. It also cited reports claiming that it will be released before mid-2015, around the time of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). 

Do you think this supposed portless computer is going to be a real thing, or are these rumors ridiculous? That being said, would you want a portless computer?

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