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Super Bowl 2015 Predictions: Carolina Panthers NFC Championship Game?

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The answer is a big no.

With eight teams battling it out at the NFL's Divisional round slated this weekend, the betting odds are showing that the Carolina Panthers are the least predicted to claim the title.

"The Carolina Panthers (25/1) are considered the biggest longshot to win it all," said the International Business Times, also reporting that the second-round circle, where they belong, have dim prospects in their bid for a Super Bowl appearance this year.

In fact, another International Business Times article predicts that they will lose against the Seattle Seahawks (21/10). The team managed to score only nine points at home in Week 8.

A Bleacher Report piece agrees, citing OddsShark.com data on Jan. 7, which also predicts that the Baltimore Ravens will lose to the New England Patriots on Jan. 10. Meanwhile, on Jan. 11, betters think the Denver Broncos and Green Bay Packers will prevail against the Indianapolis Colts and Dallas Cowboys, respectively.

"...[T]hey'll have a tough time staying in this game," said the report of the Panthers. They come from a winning streak that began in November, eliminating the Arizona Cardinals just this weekend at the Wild Card Playoffs, but are about to face a heavy favorite to win the Super Bowl 2015.

According to the Bleacher Report, the NFC's leading team, based on betting odds, is the Seahawks with 2-1. The Packers are 11-2; Cowboys, 7-1; and Panthers, 25-1. In the AFC, on the other hand, the Patriots are 10-3; the Broncos, 6-1; and Colts and Ravens, 18-1.

Also, the latter IB Times report said the Panthers' Cam Newton is statistically the "worst quarterback still in the playoffs". His wares are to be tested by the NFL's top team in pass defense, who might also be the team with the best home-field advantage, according to the first IBT report.

"Flashy teams like the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots have drawn serious hype, but fundamentally successful franchises like the Seattle Seahawks are built for success during the postseason stretch," said the Bleacher Report, so the Panthers have their hands full already.

Using Bovada.lv data, the first IB Times report said the Seahawks and Packers may meet in the conference's finals, and that the Seahawks might win just as they did in their previous meeting.

"Green Bay has struggled on the road and against elite defenses.," the report said, adding that the two teams' odds of reaching the Super Bowl are 10/13 (Seahawks) and 5/2 (Packers). The Seahawks are predicted to face the Patriots and are favored to win the Super Bowl. A CBS Sports report echoes the prediction.

"The NFC South champs face a daunting task in their attempt to reach the Super Bowl... If the Panthers were to somehow advance to the NFC Championship, they'd be forced to visit another 12-win division winner," the IB Times adds. 

It's a tough road ahead for the Panthers, but who knows?


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