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NFL Schedule Playoffs 2015 Result & Recap: Bengals, Colts, Cowboys & More!

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The Indianapolis Colts and Dallas Cowboys claimed Divisional round berths in the NFL Playoff 2015 in opposite fashions — the Cowboys won in a cliffhanger against the Detroit Lions while the Colts cruised through their match versus the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Lions led early with 14-0 against the Cowboys in the wild-card match Sunday, and only lost the upperhand with 2:32 left on the clock via Terrance Williams' eight-yard touchdown off a Tony Romo pass, said Sports Illustrated. The game ended 24-20, to reach the books as the Cowboys' first playoff victory in six years.

"There's calm, and there's comatose," the report said, referring to Ndamukong Suh's paralyzing performance against the Cowboys. Because of this, the Cowboys won relying on less popular members, like Williams, receiver Cole Beasley and defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence.

When it comes to the final results, analysts attribute to a confusing flag just before the winning touchdown, Sports Illustrated said. Lions' Matthew Stafford threw to Brandon Pettigrew, guarded by Anthony Hitchens of the Cowboys. Lee Dyer, back judge, threw his flag; and referee Pete Morelli announced a defensive interference. After re-examination, Dyer was overruled and there was officially no foul.

"They'll be underdogs in Green Bay [versus the Packers] next Sunday. They don't care," the report said of the Cowboys. 

"This game will be decided by which quarterback can make fewer mistakes, and that's typically [Aaron] Rodgers," SB Nation said, meanwhile.

In another game, the Bengals trailed against the Colts, 10-26.

"Andy Dalton and the Bengals simply collapsed. Again," said ESPN Go of the team that hasn't won a single playoffs game since January 1991.

According to the report, the Bengals have, with their loss, made excruciating history, being the first NFL team to lose four consecutive games in the opening round. Dalton also recorded a negative record for the most consecutive losses in the opening-round playoff, tied with retired Warren Moon.

Colts' Andrew Luck was a star for the night, however, added ESPN Go, explaining that he threw a winning touchdown pass that was crucial to booking a match against the Denver Broncos next Sunday.

"The one magical play was when Andrew was at his finest... He's a maestro. He's unbelievable back there," said coach Chuck Pagano, per the report. For 376 yards, he went 31 of 44 without a turnover or interception, joining only four athletes with three straight 300-yard games in the postseason.

On Dalton, CBS Sports said: "...[I]n the biggest moments, [he] comes up the smallest."

He recorded 18 of 35 for 155 yards and a fumble, in a failed strategy that would take the load off him, only showing that the Bengals do not trust him as a quarterback, the report said. The team was also missing key playmakers such as A.J. Green and Jermaine Gresham.

The game next Sunday "comes down to Andrew Luck for the Colts and nothing else," said SB Nation. It would all depend on how the star player can be prevented.

Other Divisional games on Week 19 are between the Seattle Seahawks and Carolina Panthers; and New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens.

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