Updated 09:57 PM EST, Mon, Dec 06, 2021

iPhone 6s Mini Release Date & Specs: Over 10 Million Units Cheaper Than iPhone 6 Coming?

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After months of swelling anticipation, the iPhone 6 readily launched with a bigger version, the iPhone 6 Plus. Both handsets performed with astounding success, recording over four million preorders in their first 24 hours of market availability.

Soon enough, rumor mills have churned once more, aimed at successors iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. Although these models remain unconfirmed, they seem to have built unprecedented hype until the calendar made its crossover.

This time, more details are out surrounding a smaller version of the iPhone 6, dubbed to be the iPhone 6s Mini. According to MyDrivers (via BGR), a recent report from U.S. investment firm Zacks Equity Research claimed that Apple is being "forced" to release the 4-inch iPhone 6 this year.

We're bound to see four iPhone 6 versions in existence (iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Mini), if the current report materializes. But with no official word coming from the Cupertino giant, this insight must be taken with a grain of salt.

The only hope apparent at this point is Apple's earlier claim regarding tinier handset models. As told by Venture Beat, the company assumed that a smaller phone was "preferable," allowing users to navigate the entire unit with a single hand.

The source is convinced that Apple will not be ditching its belief in the "usability" of these smaller devices, even though the current trend appears to value their bigger-screen counterparts. The iPhone 6 Plus is the company's testament to that matter.

BGR went on to cite its source, reporting that Apple allegedly aims to bring at least 10 million of these iPhone 6s Minis in the market. The device was said to retail cheaper than the original iPhone 6, which currently starts at $199. However, Venture Beat predicted that it will not be "so inexpensive."

There were also rumors suggesting the end of the funky-colored iPhone 5c, wrote GSMArena. Accordingly, the iPhone 5s will continue selling, making the outlet question how the rumored 4-inch iPhone sets itself commercially.

International Business Times believed that the iPhone 6s Mini arrives with "powerful specs, killer features and a build that is lean and light." As the device seems to trail along the iPhone 6 line, the source predicted that its build may also be very similar with the original 2014 flagship.

Do you like the idea of a smaller iPhone 6? How will it fare with its predecessors?

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