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'Fifty Shades of Grey' Movie Cast, Trailer & Sex Scene: Jamie Dornan Says Film is Not Anti-Feminist

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Films with a lot of sex and bondage, especially when the one bound is female, like "Fifty Shades of Grey," is most likely considered misogynistic. In fact, the highly-anticipated film that shows just this already has a lot of advocacy groups criticizing the story line, reported Time. U.S.-based advocacy group Morality in Media, for instance, said that the film "romanticizes and normalizes sexual violence" and "glamorizes and legitimatizes violence against women."

According to "50 Shades of Grey" star Jamie Dornan, however, the film isn't like that at all.

"50 Shades of Grey," a film based on best-selling erotic novels by EL James, is about a young woman's role as a submissive in a relationship with a successful businessman with a lot of sexual fetishes. But that doesn't mean it is anti-feminist in content, according to the lead actor.

Dornan defended the film by telling Elle UK, "I can understand why people say tying a woman up and spanking her is misogynistic, but actually, more men are submissives than women. Very powerful men. It's a far bigger scene than I imagined."

He also added, "In pretty much any city in the world that you could name, people want to get spanked with a paddle with studs on it." He can say this with authority, considering that as part of the research for his role as the young billionaire, Dornan visited sex dungeons to be able to get a real visual on how his character should be.

Say what you will about the Red Room, but for Dornan, the more important aspect is the love story. He said, "The love story is more important than the BDSM aspect. I mean, we are going to tell a love story, you know, it can't just be what happens in the Red Room, that's not a film. There's so much more going on than that."

With all the hype on "50 Shades of Grey," most people do not realize that the 32-year-old actor has already played a man tying women to beds in his role as the psychopath, Paul Spector, in "The Fall." To differentiate the performances, Dornan said, "They're both tying women to beds, yes; but for very different reasons. If the motives are so different, then the action has to be different. I'd be really upset if people think that I'm giving the same performance twice."

Dakota Johnson will star as Anastasia Steele, Grey's love interest with whom he has BDSM acts with.

The film will hit theaters on Valentine's Day. Will you be watching it on the big screen?

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