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James 'Bond 24' 2015 Release Date, Cast & News: Movie to Feature Two Exceptional Concept Cars

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Several reports have already surfaced stating that James Bond, portrayed by Daniel Craig, will drive an Aston Martin DB10 car in the upcoming "Bond" movie titled "Spectre." However, The Cheat Sheet claims that aside from the Aston Martin DB10, another concept car will also be featured in the film -- and it will be driven by Agent 007's adversary.

The Jaguar C-X75, the concept car originally unveiled at the 2010 Paris Auto Show, will make an appearance in the big screen through "Spectre." According to The Cheat Sheet, the 850-horsepower hybrid Jaguar sports car will make use of a powerful 5.0-liter V8 engine, instead of the original hybrid motor configuration.

"These two cars - the DB10 and the C-X75 - mark the first time that concept cars will be used as the primary vehicles in a 'James Bond' film," the news outlet reports.

The "James Bond" movie franchise is popular for using "rare and exceptional vehicles from the world's top auto makers" as an advertising method. The upcoming installment, however, is gearing up to feature non-production car models, just like the Jaguar C-X75, The Cheat Sheet noted.

Even though the two vehicles are just concepts and won't be available for purchase, the car manufacturers are hoping that the public will drift towards their companies upon seeing the concept cars on "Spectre." According to The Cheat Sheet report, this could "spur sales" and would entice other vehicle firms to take "their ideas to the big screen to get their fans in a frenzy."

'Spectre' Cast News and Production

Aside from Craig, "Spectre" will also star Christoph Waltz as Oberhauser, Bond's German-accented foe, according to Forbes. Lea Seydoux, Dave Bautista, Andrew Scott, and Monica Bellucci are also included in the film.

Scott, known for portraying Moriarty role in the BBC series "Sherlock," will play as MI5 employee Denbigh, The Hollywood Reporter stated. Monica Bellucci and Lea Seydoux are the new Bond girls, portraying the roles of Lucia Sciarra and Madeleine Swann, respectively.

WWE star Bautista will play "a henchman called Mr. Hinx," E! Online reported. Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, Rory Kinnear, and Ben Whishaw will reprise their roles introduced in 2012's "Skyfall," the preceding "Bond" film.

"Spectre" will once again be directed by "Skyfall" director Sam Mendes, with the screenplay written by John Logan, Neal Purvis, and Robert Wade, ComingSoon.net reported. It is set to film in various international locations including the Austrian Alps, London, Rome, Mexico City, and Morocco. "Spectre" will premiere in theaters on November 2015.

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