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'Battlefield Hardline' Release Date, Gameplay & Trailer: Gameplay Modes to Offer New Multiplayer Experience

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"Battlefield Hardline" is about to be launched, and with it comes 4 multiplayer modes.

The Fuse Joplin reported the news, saying that the upcoming first-person shooter video game is an improvement from its predecessor "Battlefield 4." According to the news outlet, the beta which was released in 2014 suffered a lot of issues, but the developers have learned from their mistakes in order to not disappoint fans and to make sure it is "not just another 'BF4' with a renewed skin over it."

The gameplay modes also feature "an all new multiplayer experience which pits you as the cop or the robber for the first time in massive online battles," The Fuse Joplin noted. Listed below are the 4 multiplayer modes of the game, as reported by the news site.

Rescue Mode

This gameplay mode is vastly similar with hostage rescue scenarios, where the player's job is to save the robbers' hostages. There are also three maps included in this mode: gator hunt, grow house, and high tension.


Players riding cars, bikes, and more vehicles are included in this mode. According to The Fuse Joplin, it will make "Battlefield Hardline" "more appealing than ever where your objective is to bring the robbers out of those high class cars as they attempt to steal it."

Blood Money

This is the basic level of the video game, where robbers steal cash by emptying vaults. If you are playing as a police, your primary objective is to make sure the vault is secured and arrest all the criminals - a contrast from other games where a player's goal is to kill the thugs.


The objective of this mode is "to escape with two bags of cash from any location they choose to steal and cops have to stop the heist from taking place," The Fuse Joplin reported.

According to Digital Trends, "Battlefield Hardline," which was developed by Visceral Games, features new elements like "zip-lines, high speed car chases, and new mechanics for non-lethal take-downs and interrogation." The trailer of the game, on the other hand, showcases the voices of actors such as Benito Martinez of "The Shield," Eugene Byrd of "Bones," and Alexandra Daddario of "True Detective."

"Battlefield Hardline" was originally set for release on October 2014, but was moved to early 2015 after beta tests were made. Digital Trends reported that the delay of the launch was due to Visceral Games' wish "to avoid the launch difficulties that plagued 'Battlefield 3' and 'Battlefield 4'."

The game's official launch for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox 360, and Xbox One is on March 17, 2015, the news outlet noted.

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