Updated 12:14 PM EST, Wed, Jan 26, 2022

NFL News and Updates: Johnny Manziel Parties on NYE with Giants' Victor Cruz

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After being punished for his late-night partying, Johnny Manziel again went out in Miami on Monday to continue his night life, this time with New York Giants' Victor Cruz.

In a report, NJ said that the Cleveland Browns quarterback was joined by the Giants receiver who is still recovering from a torn right patellar tendon at the FDR Lounge at Delano, Miami.

The club party happened even after Manziel was called by ESPN's Skip Bayless as "a liar and an alcoholic."

PageSix discussed that the Browns player apologized for an earlier drinking spree that led him and other players to be late for a game but did not affect his urge to continue with his night life.

"It's about being accountable . . . instead of looking like a jackass," he told PageSix when asked about him being a distraction to his teammates lately.

Sources of the same report said that Manziel enjoyed tequila and partying with Cruz, actor Ryan Phillippe and LeBron James' business manager Maverick Carter.

"Johnny was dancing and rapping lyrics to Drake songs all night," a source told PageSix.

Just recently, Bayless said that Manziel still has a problem with his alcohol intake and that he needs to some help.

In a similar report, USA Today said that Bayless was only commenting on the rookie's being late to report to the team for a medical treatment after he threw a party a night before with his teammates Josh Gordon and Justin Gilbert who also missed team activities.

"My concern, I repeatedly said, was if Johnny continues to demonstrate that he has a problem with alcohol, and a problem with alcohol leading to partying and all that that entails... I will no longer support a kid that I do like personally, and I have come to that point Stephen A," Bayless he added.

He also said that Manziel continues to tell lies to team executives, coaches, teammates, the media and even to himself.

After the partying incident that led to many other problems for Manziel, the NFL player apologized for missing his treatment but denied that he threw party noting instead that he only went out with a few friends on the said night.

"Either i'm going to learn or I'm going to be finding something else to do," he was quoted by Bleacher Report as saying.

The same article also noted that Manziel seemed to be honest with what he is saying and that he took responsibility for his shortcoming to the team.

It however noted that this type of attitude is not enough to prove that he is serious with his career in the NFL as fans and even his own team expects him to show some sense of maturity when it comes to his career.

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