Updated 10:56 AM EST, Thu, Jan 20, 2022

Android 5.0 Lollipop Update Release & Download: Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 4, Note Edge & More Set for January OTA

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Main devices in Samsung's Galaxy line are expected to receive the Android 5.0 Lollipop update soon, with an OTA rollout beginning this month, iDigitalTimes reported.

According to the outlet, the first model receiving Android's latest OS is the Galaxy S5. This will be followed by the Galaxy Note 4, the Galaxy Note Edge, the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy S4. Samsung's tablets were said to be the last to get the upgrade.

However, Phone Arena took the information with a pinch of salt, since it was an unnamed Samsung "rep" who published the data in Reddit. The details were leaked through an email screenshot, and accordingly, it indicated "what Samsung employees needed to do" as the January updates set in.

The email stated, "Beginning in January 2015, Android devices will begin receiving Lollipop OS updates."

The anonymous Samsung "rep" admitted not knowing the specific carrier timelines for an update, wrote Phone Arena. But he was told, reportedly, that the Korean tech giant has been pressuring U.S. carriers to bring the updates sooner.

For those who may not know, the Android 5.0 Lollipop began its official OTA rollout on Nov. 3, two months past the calendar.

Apart from the Lollipop updates, the leaked email also tipped about "SES Devices." According to TechnoBuffalo, these could refer to phones and tablets found at Samsung Experience Shops (SES) within Best Buy outlets.

The source went on to report that the unnamed Samsung employee actually confirmed his identity to Reddit's moderators. However, this happened after the leak has already surfaced.

"Upcoming SES Resets" were also cited in the email, and as the slightest hint mentioned, a certain "reset" was said to be scheduled on Jan. 4, 2015.

Meanwhile, BGR reported that Galaxy Note 3 users may actually get a taste of Lollipop right now -- through an Android 5.0 Lollipop build posted at the XDA Developers forum. Keep in mind, however, that this leaked build was only intended for Note 3 with model number SM-9005. You can check out XDA's report here, which also included some tips before flashing the image.

Another build has been out recently, and it's for the OnePlus One. As told by GSMArena, OnePlus has already released an alpha build of the Lollipop ROM on its forums, available to download and flash.

We do not recommend flashing for those uncomfortable and uncertain with very technical procedures. We will not be responsible for any untoward incidents that may happen in the process.

Check out Qbking77 (Tim Schofield) running Lollipop on Galaxy S5 below (test build).

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