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Air Jordan Release Dates 2015: Air Jordan X 'Double Nickel' Photos Leaked? AJ 10 Returns This Year [Rumors]

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Some people just couldn't wait and figured out a way to introduce to the cyber world the remastered version of the Air Jordan 10 "Double Nickel," way, way ahead of its possible release in March.

The "Double Nickel" option, formerly carrying the name "Chicago," was last seen on the racks in January 2012, said Counterkicks. It is scheduled for a comeback on March 28 to mark the second decade of Michael Jordan's emergence from retirement to give the New York Knicks a legendary beating in the league, contributing a whopping 55 points in a 113-111 win for the Chicago Bulls.

"The 'Double Nickel' aka The 'Chicago' AJ 10 is the iconic pair that Michael Jordan wore after returning from retirement when he dropped 55 points over the New York Knicks in 1995," said Kicks on Fire. The game happened at Madison Square Garden in New York on March 29 that year.

NBA.com said: "Jordan, who had been toiling without much success as a minor league baseball player attempting, realized just how much he missed basketball... [F]ollowing months of speculation and amidst much fanfare, Jordan declared, 'I'm back,' rejoining the Bulls in what was certainly the most memorable return of a player in NBA history."

The points contribution — two nickels side-by-side, thus the new name — came after a 17-month sabbatical, Counterkicks recounted. It happened on his fifth game back, to be exact.

"...[N]ext year's iteration is going to be extra special," said Complex, which claimed the release date would instead be March 18, the exact date of Jordan's NBA return.

Apart from the fact that the shoes are remastered, or are produced with the original materials and feel as priority, Kicks on Fire noted a minor but all-important addition.

"That game went down in the history books not only for the incredible game that Jordan had, but because he was also rocking the number 45 at the time," it said — and the "45" finds a place in the 2015 design.

According to Counterkicks, the 2012 version was without the "45" stitching on the outside, near the collar.

The skin is clean tumbled leather. There are black accents at the top and bottom, plus red details, on the outsole and the inner lining, plus on the filling of the "45."

"The updated version of this Air Jordan 10 will feature a premium textured leather... The sole remains in tact, which feature key stats from Michael Jordans career," said Kicks on Fire, recounting the intense fanfare for it back in 2012.

That magnetic force is still carried over. On Sole Collector's poll, 83 percent of voters want to buy a pair. Only 17 percent would rather not.

Counterkicks reported that the model will be available in stores for $190, a hike from the previous price of $160. Kicks on Fire added that the option will figure in a parade of remastered shoes from the Jordan Brand, such as the Air Jordan 10 in the "Bulls Over Broadway" colorway, "Oreo Air Jordan 4" and "French Blue 7."

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