Updated 08:46 PM EST, Sat, Jan 22, 2022

Detroit Pistons vs Cleveland Cavaliers: Brandon Jennings Leads Team as it Thumps Cavs with 103-80 Victory

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Detroit Pistons point guard Brandon Jennings surprised basketball fans on Monday night when he scored 25 points in the 103-80 victory against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday.

ESPN said that Jennings and the Pistons made good use of the second quarter to outclass LeBron James' Cavaliers, which lost second in a row for the past two weeks in their own home court. Last Dec. 17, the Cavs also lost to the Atlanta Hawks with a 127-98 score.

It was a very good run for the Pistons who was leading by 27 points by the start of the fourth quarter.

"That third quarter was absolutely phenomenal," said Detroit coach Stan Van Gundy to ESPN. He added, "So, we've played our two best games of the year back to back. But we'll see. It's just two games. We've got a long way to go, but today was a step forward."

Jennings for his part told ESPN that he and the entire team do not let any pressure bother how they play basketball. "Everyone just has a free mind, no pressure," Jennings said. "We're just going out there and playing basketball."

The Detroit Free Press said that this game was a way for the Pistons to recover from "a horrific season" and after losing Josh Smith on Monday. It also noted that Jennings had to step up to handle ball duties in Smith's absence

"I am the point guard so I do expect to have the ball in my hands a lot just to make plays and to get guys in the right position. Our fast-breaks, we're getting easy buckets since I've had the ball in my hands by kicking the ball up, just getting it to the open guy, just finding guys," Jennings was quoted as saying by the Detroit Free Press.

What happened, Cavs?

Explaining their loss on Sunday night, James admitted that the Cavs really did not do their best in terms of scoring and defense.

"We're not a very good team, as far as on the court, where we're still trying to find our way. Right now we're just not very good in every aspect of the game that we need to be to compete every night," James, who scored 17 points, 10 rebounds and seven assists, told ESPN.

"It seems like when we take these losses, we have a great first quarter and we get a little lax and teams start putting it on us," James added. 

According to ESPN, James got hit in the left quad during the first half but he was still able to play during the third quarter. The team has already lost center Anderson Varejao due to an Achilles tendon tore.

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