Updated 09:30 PM EST, Sat, Jan 22, 2022

NFL News and Updates: Peyton Manning to Return with the Broncos in 2015?

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NFL's Peyton Manning has expressed his intention to return to the Denver Broncos next year for his 18th NFL season despite rumors and news that he will soon retire due to his declining performance during the games.

It has been noted that the performance decline of the five-time MVP has become a hot topic for the team especially with the coming of a new year in the sport.

According to Yahoo Sports, Manning made it clear that he has not thought about retiring in 2015 and that he intends to be back with his current team next year.

''I have not thought about those circumstances at all. So, I certainly plan on being back, if the Broncos will have me. But at this point, I'm kind of thinking about Oakland,'' Manning added.

The NFL player also discussed the possible transition from a player to a coach in the league. ''I get to fall into that category because maybe I'm closer to the same age as some of the coaches. But yeah, I have no plans along those lines. I'm enjoying playing and looking forward to Sunday's game and the game to follow that.''

A similar NFL.com report noted that Manning's reported decline in terms of skills and gameplay "has been overstated" noting that he is still able to hit a couple of vertical passes during the past few weeks of playing for the Broncos.

"Manning just needs more help from those around him at this stage of his career, which is true of any quarterback not named Aaron Rodgers," NFL.com added.

Yahoo Sports explained that Manning remains focused on the team's upcoming games as his way of bouncing back from his poor performance last Monday when Denver lost to Cincinnati with him throwing four interceptions during the game.

According to NFL.com, the player is now "at the special part of his career" where playing for the regular season can be considered just a preamble and that his performance next month will also determine if he really needs to retire from the game.

Manning, who is one of the greatest players in the NFL, is said to be also "a victim of his own greatness" noting that his touchdown average per game and his interception rate has declined from the first time he played to today.

The player has recognized his own shortcomings in the losses of his team but his teammates, like cornerback Chris Harris, continues to believe that Manning will play with them beyond 2015.

''I expect him to play out his whole deal. Even if we win the Super Bowl, I see Peyton coming back still because we would pretty much have everybody back," Harris told Yahoo Sports.

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