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iPad Air Plus Release Date, Specs & Features: Best Rumors About Apple's Biggest Tablet

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The spotlight is currently trained on Apple's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but there is no stopping the whispers going around about the company's preparation to release a larger and better iPad. The still unannounced device, dubbed as the iPad Air Plus, is said to boast exciting specifications and features.

Here are several rumors revolving around Apple's alleged latest product.

1. Design

TechRadar reports that the iPad Air Plus will come in at 12.2 inches, with dimensions of 305.31 x 220.8 x 7 mm. The device will also come with "a detachable keyboard to square up against business-friendly devices" and "a set of speakers and microphones on the top and bottom edges, which could function in a similar fashion to how the iPad 2 handles stereo sound."

If these rumors were true, the iPad Air Plus may appear similar, design wise, to the exsiting iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini.

2. Specifications

According to Tech Radar, the gadget will feature a new A9 processor, an upgrade from the A8X processor present in the iPad Air 2.

The iPad Air Plus is also rumored to sport an iSight camera and Lightning connector, and was said to equip a 2K or 4K resolution. The news outlet added that the device would likely come around with a 4096 x 3072 and an almost-UHD resolution. Apple may also incorporate its Touch ID technology in the home button of the new iPad.

Providing the iPad Air Plus with a stylus is also being discussed by reports. This move might be necessary, especially now that Apple's competitor, Samsung, has released an S-Pen to accompany its Galaxy Note Pro. TechRadar noted that Apple's stylus accessory might be named iPen, which includes "potential features like a laser pointer, the ability to project images and scanning capabilities among other."

Aside from these, TechRadar added that the iPad Air Plus (also called as the iPad Pro) will most likely run using the iOS 8, Apple's latest operating system. "The iPhone 6 is expected to come with eye tracking. Now, all that's left is to implement them in a way that makes sense on an iPad Pro," the news outlet noted.

3. Release Date and Price

According to International Business Times, there are reports claiming that the iPad Air Plus will start production in the second quarter of 2015. This means that buyers will have to wait until June for the gadget to be available in the market. However, there are also rumors saying that Apple halted the production of the iPad Air Plus in order to focus more on their latest smartphone model, the iPhone 6.

For the cost, TechRadar reports that the iPad Air Plus' price may vary between the iPad Air and MacBook Air's.

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