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Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Fight Happening in May 2015? American Boxer Suggests Date

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After months of rumors that the two of the greatest boxers of their time will fight next year, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has finally broken his silence. He wants to face Pacquiao on May 2.

Last Friday, the undefeated American boxer, who has long avoided questions about the most anticipated fight, said during a boxing card promotion in San Antonio that he is now willing to fight the Filipino boxer, New York Daily News noted.

During the announcement, Mayweather also called on the two camps to start calculating the worth of the fight, adding that Pacquiao will never get the same purse money as him.

"You lost twice and now you're coming back begging for the same money. That's not gonna happen," Mayweather told New York Daily News and his statement was taken by the report with this meaning "I'm in control and if I don't get what I want, the fight won't take place."

He also denied reports that claim he is avoiding to fight Pacquiao. "Floyd Mayweather is not ducking or dodging any opponent. Bob Arum is stopping the fight. We have been trying to make this fight happen for many years behind the scene," he was quoted as saying.

The American fighter maintained that he has been waiting for Pacquiao's camp to agree to fight him and not the other way around. He thinks the Filipino champ is already "desperate."

"We're tired of you guys fooling the public, fooling the critics. You guys didn't want to take random blood and urine testing, so that's why it didn't happen. Then I offered you $40 million, then you didn't want to make the fight happen. You lost twice, now you coming back begging for the same money. That's not gonna happen. Let's make the fight happen for the people and the fans. Mayweather versus Pacquiao, May 2nd, Cinco de Mayweather," he added in a similar ESPN report.

"Now he's in a very, very tight situation. He's lost to [Juan Manuel] Marquez [in 2012], he's lost to [Timothy] Bradley [by controversial decision in 2012 but avenged it in April]. Pay-per-view numbers are extremely low," the fighter added, as quoted by ESPN.

But the same report noted that Pacquiao has long agreed to a random drug test just to make the fight happen and that Mayweather's pay-per-view numbers also plummeted along with Pacquiao's.

When asked what made him decide to finally take on Pacquiao, Mayweather said that Pacquiao is "not on his level." "The fans would love to see the fight. And, of course, I want to go out with a bang."

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