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'Street Fighter 5' Release Date, Gameplay & Trailer: Should PS4 Game Come to Xbox One?

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One of the many upcoming games announced in the recent PlayStation Experience event is Capcom's "Street Fighter V." But excitement must somehow be controlled, as it appears the game won't be made available for everybody.

As revealed in Experience, Gamespot reported that the title exclusively comes out for the PS4 -- while Xbox head Phil Spencer had something to say regarding the matter.

When asked by a Twitter user about the game's possible appearance on the PS4 rival Xbox One, Spencer responded, "Business deals happen. We won't do all of them. When we have a 1st party franchise in a genre I'd rather invest in ours."

That's it -- "We won't do all of them." As the Xbox helm implied, the title might be impossible for Microsoft's next-gen console. This "first party franchise," on the other hand, is none other than "Killer Instinct," wrote IGN.

On a lighter note, Spencer assured fans that Xbox isn't being cold. In fact, he wanted Xbox fans to be able to play all games. He said in another tweet, "I'd love it if XBOX fans could play all the games, but business just makes some deals happen. It's all part of competition."

VideoGamer.com reported that Microsoft's third-party business deal comes next year, in the form of "Rise of the Tomb Raider." The title comes out on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Apart from Microsoft's plans of getting exclusive business deals, Gamespot added that Spencer saw owning IPs as likewise important.

Capcom has not unveiled the release date of "Street Fighter V" yet. But as reported by IGN, the game will also be coming to the PC, thereby supporting a cross-platform gaming experience. The game's official web site wrote for now, "More will be revealed in the coming months so stay tuned for more details!"

VG 24/7 believed that the game won't coming to the Xbox One since Capcom has pressed for open cross-platform play, much like in "Final Fantasy." In addition, the outlet wrote that this idea is something that Microsoft "won't budge on."

What do you think about the title being exclusive to Sony's next-gen console? Should the Xbox One get it too? Cast your votes in the poll below.

The announcement and gameplay trailers (via PlayStation) of PS4's "Street Fighter V" follow.

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