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Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather 2015 Next Fight: Pacman to Accept 70/30 Split?

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For Floyd Mayweather Jr. to fight Manny Pacquiao next year, the undefeated American fighter is asking for a 70/30 split with the Filipino fighter. The question here is: Will Pacquiao agree to this big difference in monetary gain?

An International Business Times report noted that Mayweather will never agree to the fight unless he is ensured of a big payday at the end of the fight even if he ends up losing.

Top Rank CEO and Pacquiao's promoter Bob Arum said in a Sports Illustrated report explained that the said split was not "accurate" but noted that there have been discussions between him and CBS CEO Les Moonves who also happens to be in control of Showtime which has an exclusive deal with Mayweather.

Arum added that the negotiations continue and that a boxing executive from Abu Dhabi has expressed intention to stage the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight guaranteeing a $110 million purse to the American boxer.

"If Mayweather signs on, if the deal with us is OK, we have no objection to fighting in Abu Dhabi," Arum said. "Do I know whether it is real, if it's real money, of course not. I'm not paying any attention to it. Until they get Mayweather, there is no reason to. There is an awful lot of oil money in the Middle East, and there are people who don't care about making a profit, but do it for other reasons," Arum told Sports Illustrated.

A similar BoxingNews24 report said that Pacquiao should agree to fight Mayweather even with a 70/30 split since his PPV figures with his recent fight against Chris Algieri in Macau were tagged as "dismal." It also noted that both camps will bring certain amounts to the table but that Pacquiao is bringing a lower number.

"By the way, a few months ago he said he'd fight Mayweather for free! So declining any sum from Mayweather's camp will make Manny's plea look like a media stunt," BoxingNews24 added.

Reports also indicated that if Pacman agrees to this setup, he will surely get the limelight back and draw more fans because of his "exciting and fun" style of fighting.

Aside from regaining exposure in boxing, the International Business Times also noted that Pacquiao will also be able to purse a big amount of money as PPV sales are expected to soar. "It's likely a rematch clause will also be inserted in any deal, guaranteeing even more for both fighters," it added.

Demanding for a bigger share of the pie is normal for Mayweather as he is known to be a business-minded fighter with him topping the Forbe's list of highest earning athletes last year pursing $102 million.

Surely, this will be a decision which the Pacquiao camp will be greatly considering and it is the hope of those anticipating the fight that the two camps will finally agree to seal the deal this time.


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